"Vile" rapist who attacked vulnerable woman jailed for 20 years

"Vile" rapist who attacked vulnerable woman jailed for 20 years

By David Parker | 11/01/2019

'Vile' rapist who attacked vulnerable woman jailed for 20 years

A “VILE” rapist who lured a young woman into a van and attacked her in a remote spot has avoided a life sentence “by the skin of his teeth”.

Alan Beddow (53), of Rosehill Road, Rawmarsh, attacked the woman in the early hours of August 26 and then threatened her while wrapping a rubber tube around her neck.

He was jailed for 20 years at Sheffield Crown Court on Monday (7).

Judge Jeremy Richardson said Beddow’s attack was “a very serious example of this type of crime”.

He added: “I have not the least doubt you are a dangerous offender.

“The girl in question was unquestionably vulnerable that night.

“You had lured her into a van, you had taken her to a remote spot, you made threats to her of a particularly unpleasant kind.

“It was in the early hours of the morning, you used a weapon to frighten her and terrorise her by placing that rubber tubing around her neck.”

Judge Richardson deemed Beddow to be a dangerous offender and extended his initial 12-year jail sentence by eight years.

“You must be punished and the public must be protected from you,” said Judge Richardson.

“The sentence I impose is, in my judgement, a proportionate and proper sentence in this case, but you have escaped a life sentence by the skin of your teeth.

“This would not have had to be much more serious for me to impose a life sentence.

“That young woman must have been terrified and in fear of her life when you convinced her to indulge in these revolting sexual acts.

“Your conduct may only be categorised as vile.”

Beddow, who wept as he was sentenced, had previously pleaded guilty to two counts of oral rape.

Mr James Baird, prosecuting, said Beddow had ten previous convictions for 27 offences, including a conviction in 2008 for falsely imprisoning a young child.

Mr Peter Hampton, mitigating, said: “You can’t take away from the gravity of this offending.

“There is some hope, with the right assistance, of rehabilitation.

“He knew what he had done as soon as the incident was over and he knew the gravity of it.

“He is very ashamed and very sorry.”

Beddow will be on the sex offenders’ register for life.

South Yorkshire Police has refused to release a custody image of Beddow at the request of the victim.

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