VIDEO: Hopes of 400 Rotherham jobs at Chinese theme park

VIDEO: Hopes of 400 Rotherham jobs at Chinese theme park

By Gareth Dennison | 09/08/2011 11 comments

VIDEO: Hopes of 400 Rotherham jobs at Chinese theme park

PLANS have been unveiled for a multi-million pound Chinese-themed visitor attraction in Rotherham.

Visions of China will be a 120-acre theme park within an authentic environment at the former Pithouse West colliery site.

Rotherham Borough Council’s Cabinet announced today that China Vision Ltd, along with regeneration specialists MCD Development, were the preferred partner the leisure venture.

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About 400 permanent year-round jobs will be created, plus “several hundred” more during construction.

Leader Cllr Roger Stone said: “This is a prestigious project, which will create hundreds of new jobs and bring in many thousands of visitors.

“We are delighted that it is being brought to Rotherham.

“Our decision today is the first stage on the road to turn this China Vision into a reality and we will be working hard with the partnership to make it happen.”

Click play to see our video from the press conference at Rotherham Town Hall.


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  • Why not a cinema? We have been crying out for a cinema for years. Frankie & Benny's would have been great too. Why doesn't the council concentrate on the town centre? I have recently learned that Dorothy Perkins has now gone, along with Burtons and soon to go is Thorntons too. Walking around Rotherham I feel ashamed. to call this home. All I can say is roll on with the building of the new football ground. Maybe that wil give us Rotherham folk something to be proud of!

    everhopeful. Mon 15 Aug 22:19:43.

  • @Nononsenseman.The YES! project was scrapped last year. This proposal is for the same site. Richard Smith, Digital Editor.

    richard_smith. Wed 10 Aug 09:49:34.

  • So, Frankie and Bennys get turned down for Parkgate but a Chinese Theme Park is being built? Theres not even any rollercoasters!!!!

    Robab. Wed 10 Aug 09:31:01.

  • is it going alongside the YES project?

    nononsenseman. Wed 10 Aug 08:55:10.

  • Sorry, I didn't realise that the council were actually funding this venture, I thought it was a private company doh! lets tell them to go away and spend their money elsewhere eh, I mean what's a £100 million investment loss to Rotherham anyway?

    andyjay. Wed 10 Aug 08:21:21.

  • This has got white elephant written all over it - lessons ought to have been learned with the Earth Centre in Conisborough. Frivolous and unnecessary, and £100m could be spent more usefully. How about a cinema, perhaps, of which we lack... or help fund the regeneration of Wentworth Woodhouse. I'm sure they would garner more support than a Chinese themed park. But it's what you expect with a Labour council/government - spending money they simply haven't got on things they can't afford.

    richard_n413. Wed 10 Aug 00:06:50.

  • Moan moan moan moan moan, I get sick of hearing people complaining about how rubbish Rotherham is, how dire the job situation is, how terrible the town centre is, but then when something like this is attracted, something that's going to create jobs is to moan some more, regeneration is about attracting money, providing employment opportunities, so that people have money to spend, get a bloody grip, if you can think of better ways then stand for council. Put up or shut up!!

    andyjay. Tue 09 Aug 21:18:04.

  • Totally out of character for the area.Noise and traffic pollution will be horrendous for locals.

    dogsitter. Tue 09 Aug 20:59:22.

  • Its official the RMBC Cabinet have lost the plot. A chinese theme park in Rotherham! It would be interesting to see the business plan for this one. Wheres the investment in the town Centre?

    markhooper. Tue 09 Aug 18:03:07.

  • What ever next.......... I agree with the job situation but our town is going to the dogs..... no shops or prospects.......

    lordy70. Tue 09 Aug 09:57:32.

  • Fabulous news. Regeneration. Tourism. Just what South Yorkshire needs.

    redpola. Mon 08 Aug 16:46:23.

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