Treeton Parish Council condemn pensioners garage

Treeton Parish Council condemn pensioners garage

By Admin | 20/05/2022

Treeton Parish Council condemn pensioners garage


A PENSIONER claims he has been unfairly treated after a parish council condemned the garages he has rented for over three decades.

Tom Reilly conceded that one of the two structures is beyond repair and should come down — but says the other is in decent condition.

The 83-year-old retired HGV driver, of Treeton, said: “I’ve had a bit of trouble with Treeton Parish Council. I rent two garage lots and they want to remove the garages.

“They say it’s unsafe and I will admit to one being unsafe. But the other one is perfectly fine. All it wants is a bit of paint.

“It’s waterproof, rain-proof. I had started painting it anyway but I stopped when the parish council’s letters came through.”

Mr Reilly added: “They wrote to say they had been and visited the site. They have got a bee in their bonnet about telling me what to do.

“After nearly 40 years, they are basically saying ‘do as we say’ or I will be off the property.”

The parish council wrote to Mr Reilly to warn him he was in breach of his contract in relation to the garages behind Wood Lane. The authority said it would cover half of the quoted £1,400 cost to clear the site.

Chairman Cllr Terry Adair said: “We had a number of issues with the site.

“It was decided that the garages needed to be cleaned up as there was a lot of fly-tipping behind them, and we were getting complaints from residents.

“On inspection of these garages, it emerged that some were made of asbestos. They were in disrepair.

“We have been amenable with the garage owners and helped them to find the best quotes to get them cleared.

“We have an obligation in terms of the environment and safety of the site.”

Cllr Adair said the offer to help with clearing the site was still there — but the parish council had yet to hear back from Mr Reilly.