Time to remove refused loft extension, applicant told

Time to remove refused loft extension, applicant told

By Gareth Dennison | 18/03/2022

Time to remove refused loft extension, applicant told

AN APPLICANT has been asked when this loft room extension will be removed after planning permission was refused on appeal.

The extension with dormer windows on Lister Street at Clifton was built before paperwork was filed with Rotherham Council.

And applicant Mr Hussain saw his bid for planning permission turned down by RMBC in September last year.

The council said the windows meant an “unacceptable level of overlooking and loss of privacy” to neighbours, and called the development “visually obtrusive within the streetscene”.

The applicant appealed, saying that obscured glazing could be fitted to minimise overlooking.

He also told the Planning Inspectorate that the development had provided much-needed family space for which the pandemic had brought greater need and added that the dormer had made the home more thermally efficient.

Planning inspector David Fitzsimon said the glazing would address the issue of neighbours’ privacy, meaning it would fall to an “acceptable” level.

“I am of the view that a degree of overlooking is somewhat inevitable in high density urban areas such as this,” he added.

However, he was not satisfied about the dormer’s effect on the character and appearance of the house and wider streetscene.

Mr Fitzsimon, who visited the site on January 31, said: “The development has introduced a very large dormer to the rear and side roof profiles of the appeal dwelling.

“The rear section of the dormer is so large that it protrudes beyond the hipped profile of the roof.

“The overall scale, bulk and box-like appearance of the dormer fails to respond to the form, proportions and roof profile of the host dwelling.

“As a result, it appears as an incongruous and cumbersome addition which harms the character and appearance of the host dwelling.”

Simon Moss, assistant director for planning, regeneration and environment at RMBC, said: “An appeal against the refusal was submitted to the independent Planning Inspectorate but has since been dismissed.

“The council have requested clarification from the applicant as to when the dormer window will be removed.

“If no action is taken to remove the dormer window then an enforcement notice will be served. “Enforcement action is a last resort, the applicant will be given sufficient time to carry out the works before further action is taken.”