Thrice not as nice for MP's selfie snap

Thrice not as nice for MP's selfie snap

By Admin | 11/11/2021

Thrice not as nice for MP's selfie snap

THRICE was not as nice for an MP criticised for using the same selfie snap three times to post about a trip out on his patch.

Conservative MP for Don Valley, Nick Fletcher, whose constituency covers Conisbrough, was rumbled by savvy social media followers after posting an image to Twitter and Facebook on Wednesday which he had already posted last year.

Mr Fletcher tweeted: “Great to spend the afternoon in Thorne. It is good to see it thriving again after a tough year. #Doncasterisgreat.”

But critics, among them local councillors, were quick to spot the photo had Christmas trees in the background — and the town’s decorations and lights were not due to be put up until later in the week. 

Labour parish councillor and Thorne and Moorends Town mayor Craig Ellis tweeted: “Can we play spot the difference” — with a shot of the same image from a tweet in December last year.

Fellow councillor Susan Durant added: “This is also an old photo as the Xmas trees haven’t been put up yet and they are the old lights.”

Others said that the MP had also used the same snap again in September this year.

A spokesperson for Nick Fletcher’s constituency office said: “Having spent the afternoon walking round Thorne with a local businessman and calling at a local café for a coffee, I forgot to take a photo.

“This is not the first time I have reused a photo when forgetting to take one and I am sure it will not be the last.”