Three Labour members lose Rotherham Council seats

Three Labour members lose Rotherham Council seats

By Gareth Dennison | 01/05/2020

Three Labour members lose Rotherham Council seats


THREE Rotherham borough councillors have lost their seats after prolonged low attendance.

Labour trio Richard Price, Leon Allcock and Katherine Wilson are no longer elected members at town hall.

Members must attend at least one meeting every six months to avoid being removed from the role.

From left: Richard Price, Leon Allcock, Katherine Wilson

Mr Allcock and Ms Wilson’s poor attendance was highlighted previously in an Advertiser front page story in 2018.

Mr Allcock and Ms Wilson won their seats, in Rother Vale and Anston & Woodsetts respectively, in 2016. They were removed on Friday.

Mr Price had spent five years with the council after being elected to the Maltby ward in May 2015. He said he quit last Monday over poor health.

Their removal leaves RMBC on 60 members. A shake-up had been set to drop the figure from 63 to 59 in the local elections postponed from this month until next year because of coronavirus.

The authority’s current make-up is 45 Labour, 11 Rotherham Democratic Party, three independent and one Liberal Democrat.