Thousands of “green” jobs could ease pandemic unemployment

Thousands of “green” jobs could ease pandemic unemployment

By Michael Upton | 10/05/2021

Thousands of “green” jobs could ease pandemic unemployment


UP to 5,400 new “green” jobs could replace positions lost in Rotherham during the pandemic, according to a campaign group.

The data, compiled by campaign group Green New Deal UK, suggests that Rotherham is likely to suffer about 3,146 permanent job losses due to the coronavirus crisis but that these posts could all be replaced with jobs in new and existing industries.

This includes jobs in sectors like solar energy, offshore wind, social care and energy efficiency.

A spokeswoman for the group said: “Rotherham has been affected by job losses in the past few decades.

“The employment landscape has changed significantly, with the loss of many jobs in industries such as steel production and coal mining.

“With the creation of green jobs, people would be able to retrain and be supported into industries that will last for years to come.”

Green New Deal UK wants the Government to spend £48 billion on green infrastructure over the next two years, which it said would create over half a million jobs.

Anne Coates, a local organiser for the group, said: “Our research shows that you can tackle unemployment and create jobs whilst tackling climate change at the same time. “We know that we can’t afford not to do this.

“There’s an unemployment crisis and a climate crisis and a Green New Deal can create thousands of good green jobs in Rotherham.

“We all know that climate change is going to have a huge impact everywhere and we can’t let people just fall by the wayside.

“The Government could invest in these green jobs right now to boost our economic recovery, but they are refusing to.

“If you compare what we are spending to France and Germany and the US, we are falling behind what is really needed to tackle unemployment and the recession, let alone sort out climate change.”

Green New Deal UK suggested between 1,500 and 2,000 jobs could be created in green industries in each of the three Rotherham constituencies over the next two years.

The figures are based on a 2018 study by the Green European Foundation which modelled the jobs requirement to reach zero carbon emissions by 2030 across key sectors, according to different areas’ needs.

This does not include jobs in supply chains or those created by more people in employment having money to spend.

The TUC has said that research and development in decarbonising technology in manufacturing could help create over 38,440 jobs in the next two years.

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