Tesco’s Josh makes ‘moves’ to raise cash for dementia charity

Tesco’s Josh makes ‘moves’ to raise cash for dementia charity

By Adele Forrest | 06/10/2017

Tesco’s Josh makes ‘moves’ to raise cash for dementia charity
Josh Foers (pictured centre), with the Mayor of Rotherham, Cllr Eve Rose Keenan and Consort Pat Keenan. 171574

PLUCKY Josh Foers is on a mission to say “Yes” to the majority of things life throws at him — and his latest hare-brained idea will see him raise funds for a charity close to his heart.

Despite shedding his clothes earlier this year and bearing all to the nation on Channel 4’s racy dating show, Naked Attraction, Josh said his latest idea would be his most embarrassing challenge yet.

Kimberworth Tesco worker Josh, who has no dance experience, will be performing an interpretive dance at the Town Hall next Thursday (October 12) in front of the Mayor of Rotheram, Cllr Eve Rose-Keenan, to raise money for Dementia UK.

Also watching will be a tattoo artist who will then design a tattoo for Josh’s arm that has been entirely inspired by the moves he busts out on the day.

Josh said: “It all came about after I posted on Facebook saying: ‘If this post gets 100 likes I will get a tattoo described entirely through interpretive dance.’

“Within hours people just started going crazy and sharing it, it ended up with around 300 likes.

“I thought I could use this to do something good and raise money for a good cause that’s close to my heart.”

Josh decided to raise money for Dementia UK in honour of his grandmother, Pearl Coleman (91), who was diagnosed with dementia seven years ago.

Josh said: “We’re really close and she lives two doors down from me on Lindum Terrace, Clifton.

“She moved close to us a while back when her dementia got worse and my mum is her full-time carer.

“Seeing her illness up-close is upsetting to see and extremely hard at times and it can be unpredictable as well.

“As bad as it is, there are rays of hope within it and times when we see a sense of humour in things — it’s not all doom and gloom.”

Josh, who enjoys Muay Thai boxing, will be dancing to Thai boxing music.

He said his family thought his idea was “great”, adding: “They’re pretty free spirited.

“I’ve never danced before and I’ve never had a tattoo before.

“I think it's important to do things you find embarrassing or scary as it will make you less embarrassed or scared when they next come around.

“I’ve done quite a few strange things in the last year, like going on Naked Attraction which turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life.

“But I will be more embarrassed about my dance than getting naked on TV.”

Visit http://tinyurl.com/joshfoers to sponsor Josh, who has raised £400 so far.