Ten reasons why...

By READER: Martin Ward | 14/06/2016 0 comments

Ten reasons why...

THERE are many reasons the EU will never work for us as follows:

1) The EU was born following the Common Agricultural Policy which never progressed beyond total disarray. There were mountains of wasted food, billions were wasted and the French received huge subsidies when their so called farms were no bigger than an allotment.

2) We have no real say in the EU: of the 98 changes in the law we have requested not one has been granted.

3) There is too much inertia in the EU: a timely decision can never happen by the time all the members have debated it. The outcome will therefore always be too little, too late

3) We pay huge subsidies to the EU, which are approximately £250 million per week, depending on which politician you believe, if any. Some big businesses do very well in getting grants back from the EU, hence they want to stay, but the majority of us lose out.

4) Freedom of movement does not help us as it is greatly one way traffic. Even the French come here for better job prospects. Nor have we noticed many Brits. emigrating to Rumania or Hungary.

5) Our country is being abused by immigrants, who on the whole are more likely to break the law. Five per cent of the general population are Muslim and 15pc of prisoners are Muslim.

6) The rest of Europe exports far more goods to Britain than we purchase from them, so to suggest the EU would place trade embargoes on our exports is ridiculous as they would be the losers.

7) We have criminal murderers and rapists roaming our streets as the idiotic European Human Rights law prevents us from deporting them to their country of origin to stand trial. We equally have foreign criminals blocking up our prisons as the prisons in their home country are not as nice as ours. Perhaps these murderers etc ought to have considered that before they carried out their crimes and what about the human rights of all the victims? Clearly the EU misguided law makers do not consider them at all.

8) Very few immigrants bring necessary skills to our country. Most in this area either drive taxis, work in shops or restaurants or hotels or car washes. Most immigrants have much larger families. In March 2016 80pc of child births were to immigrants. These people take far more out of the country than they put in and are liabilities. The vast majority of immigrants are economic migrants and nothing to do with war zones. They block up our schools, hospitals, doctors and receive billions in social payments. Is this abuse of our countries hospitality really fair?

9) Our own Prime Minister has been grossly ineffective at renegotiating anything of significance with the EU and now he and the chancellor are behaving like immature schoolboys with their ludicrous guess work about the future outside the EU. There is also overwhelming historical evidence to say that Nick Clegg, Tony Blair and John Major are not to be relied upo . In the past they have proven to be weak, untrustworthy, self obsessed and more likely to consider themselves than the people they should be representing.

10) It is very hypocritical for Obama to lecture us when he has protected the USA steel industry, when the EU has not protected ours and every state in the USA has far more latitude than we have in the EU

May I finally say it is not surprising that Trump is a frontrunner in the USA presidential elections. He may be a hedonistic, arrogant loud mouth, but he is not a politician.

Martin Ward, Moorgate


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