Teen accused of Lewis Williams murder sent gun texts, court told

Teen accused of Lewis Williams murder sent gun texts, court told

By David Parker | 15/09/2021

Teen accused of Lewis Williams murder sent gun texts, court told
Lewis Williams


A TEENAGER who shot a man in a “planned execution” told an associate days before the incident that he was going to shoot someone, a court was told.

The 17-year-old, who cannot be identified, has admitted shooting Lewis Williams (20), of Swinton, and is on trial for murder at Sheffield Crown Court alongside four others.

Mr Williams was shot on January 11 in what the prosecution have described as a “planned execution” over a dispute about a car.

Mr Stephen Wood, prosecuting, read to the jury today (Wednesday) a series of texts from the mobile phone of the 17-year-old defendant.

In late December, he had texted a girl with the message: ‘I’m going to shoot him’.

A few days later, he sent the same girl a message that said: ‘Just been stabbed, so I got shotgun out’, Mr Wood said.

And the girl sent a message to the teenager on New Year’s Day which said: ‘Don’t do owt with that gun’.

On the day before the shooting, someone sent the defendant a message on Facebook which said, ‘PSB gang, ha ha ha’, Mr Wood said.

The jury has heard previously that Mr Williams had been a member of the Pittsmoor Shotta Boys gang, often shortened to PSB.

The same person asked the defendant: ‘Where’s ya shooters?’

The defendant replied: ‘In front of me, not lien ha ha ha ha ha’.

Mr Wood said someone responded with a picture of a cowboy with what appeared to be toy guns.

The defendant replied: ‘Just about to go out with it now’.

Later that night, the defendant posted a message which said: ‘Gang s***’ followed up with emojis showing a face crying with laughter and flames.

The defendant shot Mr Williams the following afternoon on Wath Road, Mexborough, and he died at the scene.

Jack Parkes (21), of Arnold Crescent, Mexborough; Ryan Nisbet (20), of Springwood Road, Hoyland; Joe Anderton (18), of Jubilee Road, Wheatley, Doncaster, the 17-year-old boy, and a 16-year-old boy — both of whom cannot be named for legal reasons — are accused of murdering Mr Williams.

A prison officer told the jury today that she had overheard the 17-year-old defendant, while he had been on remand in youth custody, talking to another prisoner about the purchase of a gun.

She said she had heard the prisoner asking the defendant how to pay for it.

Mr Wood said: “Were you able to hear anything to help you understand what ‘it’ was?”

The prison officer said: “I heard [the defendant] mention the word ‘spinner’.”

Mr Wood said: “In a prison environment is the word ‘spinner’ something that means something to you?”

The prison officer said it meant ‘gun’.

Mr Wood asked if the prisoner had said anything else.

The prison officer said: “He asked how much was it for the sweets.”

Mr Wood said: “Does the word ‘sweets’ have a meaning?”

The prison officer said: “Bullets.”

Mr Wood asked the witness if the defendant had said anything she did not understand.

The prison officer said: “He referred to something called ‘4:10’, which I didn’t know what that was.”

Mr Wood has previously told the jury that 4:10 is the gauge of a shotgun.

All of the defendants deny murder.

The trial continues.

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