Takeaway licence reviewed after street brawl

Takeaway licence reviewed after street brawl

By Gareth Dennison | 10/11/2021

Takeaway licence reviewed after street brawl


A TAKEAWAY’S licence will be reviewed following issues connected with late-night alcohol sales and anti-social behaviour.

Concerns were raised after a “large fight” outside Pizza Pizza on Maltby’s High Street, which happened at 1.40am on May 23.

Licence holder Mohsen Koohi initially denied that anyone involved had been in the premises when he was visited by Rotherham Council officers two days later.

But CCTV showed they had been in the takeaway — and were sold alcohol about half an hour later than the licence allowed.

Mr Koohi accepted the breach — as well as admitting to selling more than four cans at a time, which is another condition of sales at Pizza Pizza.

He was previously handed a written warning in October last year for allowing customers to consume alcohol on the premises.

A hearing is set to take place on Monday (8) — but sanctions are unlikely as the council has since withdrawn its application to review the licence.

An officer said: “Having spoken with the premises licence holder, Mr Koohi, at length during the consultation, significant improvements have been made at the premises in order to uphold the licensing objectives.

“All staff have been retrained and have good understanding of the Licensing Act and no further incidents have taken place in the immediate vicinity of the premises.”

The hearing will take place despite RMBC’s application withdrawal because other representations against the takeaway were received.

Maltby Town Council raised concerns that anti-social behaviour in the area is “caused by the actions of the premises licence holder”, while ward member Cllr Adam Tinsley said there was a lack of effective management at Pizza Pizza.

An RMBC spokesperson said: “Following detailed discussions with the licence holder, the applicant for the review withdrew the review application.

“However, as representations had already been received by this time, a hearing is required to consider the representations that have been made.”