Stricter mobile phone laws for drivers come into force

Stricter mobile phone laws for drivers come into force

By Jill Theobald | 25/03/2022

Stricter mobile phone laws for drivers come into force

ROAD safety police officers are warning drivers “addicted to their phones” that much stricter rules on the use of hand-held mobile devices come into force across the UK today.

A spokesperson for South Yorkshire Police said:  “Our message to drivers remains the same — do not use your phone AT ALL while driving. 

“However, the law previously stated that two-way communication must have been taking place for drivers to be prosecuted.

“The changes to the law now state that virtually all use of a mobile phone is illegal, including taking photographs, videos, having apps open or illuminating the screen in any way.” 

Roads Policing Sergeant Mark Bradey said: “As roads policing officers we see the devastating impact that road traffic collisions have on victims and their family and friends.

“We welcome the change to the law and hope that drivers think twice about holding or using their mobile phone while driving.

“The penalties for using your phone remain the same — a £200 fine, six points on your licence and those who have passed their test within the last two years, will get an automatic ban.”

Using your mobile phone as a sat-nav is still permitted but the mobile phone must be securely attached to your dashboard or windscreen and not obstruct your view.

Drivers may also use their mobile phone to make cashless payments at a drive through.

Sgt Bradey added: “These changes to the law are about saving lives and avoiding further collisions.

“We now live in a world where we are addicted to our phones. If you are tempted to use your phone while driving, lock it away, out of sight.

“Let’s all do our part to create safer roads for everyone.”