Street attacker who stabbed ex-boxer four times after "two-day bender" hid in mum's shed in his pants

Street attacker who stabbed ex-boxer four times after "two-day bender" hid in mum's shed in his pants

By Michael Upton | 06/04/2022

Street attacker who stabbed ex-boxer four times after 'two-day bender' hid in mum's shed in his pants


A MAN who left a former boxer at death’s door when he stabbed him in the street after a two-day drink and drugs “bender” has been locked up for 11 years for the shocking broad-daylight attack.

Matthew Liversidge (33) was sentenced on Tuesday to a total of 13-and-a-half years - including two-and-a-half years on licence - for attacking ex-fighter Chad Gaynor in Maltby in May last year.

Sheffield Crown Court heard Mr Gaynor suffered stab wounds to his stomach and back and needed emergency surgery for a severe injury to his neck.

He was on life support for much of the five weeks he spent in hospital.
Judge Graham Reeds said that the neck injury had been particularly serious and “but for the skill of the vascular surgeon, Chad Gaynor would have died”.

The court heard Mr Gaynor, his girlfriend and two friends, had been at a house in Churchill Avenue, Maltby, when Liversidge had arrived.

Ms Laura Marshall said the defendant, who had two knives on him, had been “on a bender for the two previous nights and had had no sleep”.

Mr Gaynor had phoned for a taxi soon afterwards and gone outside to wait but on going back inside, he had found Liversidge and another man had been fighting.

Liversidge (pictured above) who had suffered facial injuries, and Mr Gaynor left in the taxi with Mr Gaynor’s girlfriend and went to her nearby home, where they carried on drinking, Ms Marshall said.

When they called a taxi at 11.30am to go to Tesco for more alcohol and went to get into it, Mr Gaynor’s girlfriend had witnessed him and Liversidge “scuffling in the street”.

The prosecutor said Liversidge had stabbed Mr Gaynor, a former professional boxer, twice in the back and, when the victim turned around, had wounded him in the stomach and then the neck.

Liversidge, of Town Lane, Wingfield, fled the scene and was later found hiding in the shed at his mother’s home, wearing only boxer shorts and with blood on his face and hands.

Meanwhile, neighbours had rushed to the aid of the severely bleeding Mr Gaynor, who was rushed to hospital and needed emergency treatment.

After being arrested, Liversidge initially claimed that the street attack had stemmed from the earlier fight, in which he wrongly believed Mr Gaynor had injured him.

Mr Matthew Burdon, mitigating, said Liversidge had put this down in part to his level of “intoxication” at the time and possible concussion sustained in the earlier incident.

Mr Gaynor (31) said in a victim impact statement that the attack had “changed my life forever” and while previously brave, he now felt scared and “that I have to watch my back”.

He added: “I am not the man I used to be at all.”

Judge Reeds sentenced Liversidge, to 13-and-a-half years in total for wounding with intent and 18 months, to run concurrently, for possessing an offensive weapon.

The judge told him: “It’s unlikely anyone will get to the bottom of why you behaved as you did but it’s likely your violent and unprovoked behaviour can be explained in part by the amount of drugs and alcohol you had consumed.
“According to people at the house, you said you had been taking drugs constantly for the past two days.

“What you did to Mr Gaynor has caused him personal difficulties both physically and psychologically.”