Stab threat to cops lands sex offender in jail

Stab threat to cops lands sex offender in jail

By Michael Upton | 01/07/2021

Stab threat to cops lands sex offender in jail


A VIOLENT sex offender with mental health issues threatened to kill police officers and brandished a knife at them, before climbing a tree and saying he would hang himself.

Sheffield Crown Court heard the officers had genuine fears for their safety after Reece Ellis said he would stab them and “burn the f****** police van”, before driving his car at them.

Mr Eddison Flint, prosecuting, said Ellis (23), of High Nook Road, Dinnington, had been out when officers went to his home on February 24 to look for evidence in relation to allegations that he had breached a sexual harm prevention order.

During their search, Ellis’ mum told the officers that he was on the phone and wanted to speak to them.

She passed the phone to one of the officers, who had dealt with Ellis before.

Mr Flint said: “He then made threats over the phone, saying: ‘I will f****** stab you. I will burn the f****** police van. Watch what happens now — I’m coming.’”

The officer told his colleagues Ellis was on his way to the scene, soon after which Ellis arrived in a car and was seen to swerve it towards the police, before turning at the end of the dead-end road and speeding away.

Ellis returned later and stood at the roadside armed with a knife, Mr Flint said.

“They (the officers) tried to engage with him, but he continued to threaten to stab them and put the knife to his own throat, threatening to kill himself,” he added.

Ellis then climbed a tree in a nearby patch of wood, formed a noose from his jacket and threatened to jump if the officers came near, Mr Flint said.

It was only after three hours of negotiation that Ellis came down.

Ellis, who admitted threats with a blade and sending malicious communications, was subject to two suspended sentence orders at the time of the stand-off.

His previous convictions included burglary, drug offences, criminal damage and battery.

Mr Flint said the threats were aggravated by being made against an emergency worker on duty, adding: “The officer was fearful he and other officers would be killed.”

Mr Gould said Ellis had ADHD and a personality disorder, with borderline cognitive abilities and a suspected autism spectrum condition.

“There is a link between these mental health conditions and the causes of his offending,” he said.

Mr Gould said the fact Ellis had threatened an officer he knew through his rehabilitation was “an indication of the level of impairment we are concerned with and the inability to make rational choices”.

Judge Graham Reeds jailed Ellis last Wednesday for 16 months — six months each, to run concurrently, for the threats with a knife and for the threats over the phone and ten months for breaching a suspended sentence.

“You threatened to kill an officer over the phone and then turned up at the house in a way that reinforced that threat,” he said.

“You then held a siege lasting three hours.

“I accept your mental health problems reduce your capabilities.

“Possessing a knife in the street in circumstances where you are seeking to reinforce a threat you have previously made is also a serious matter.”