Snitch the python comes home

Snitch the python comes home

By Admin | 05/08/2022

Snitch the python comes home

THE owner of a missing python told of her relief after her “baby” was found safe and sound following a two-week search.

Angie Law (43) reported that her three foot long Albino ball python, Snitch, had escaped from her home in  Charles Street, Goldthorpe, on July 18.

She warned the animal may bite and had asked for help in order to bring him home after she left her windows open overnight.

Goldthorpe residents had been on high alert of potential sightings of the python to no avail.  

But the python was finally found on Sunday — he was a lot closer than Angie first realised.

She said: “My baby was found safe and well by my partner next to our bed.

“He was on top of one of the drawers in our bedroom and he could have been in our house the whole time.

“I looked everywhere possible but couldn’t find Snitch anywhere in the house.

“I’ve missed him so much.

“I’m buzzing and over the moon that he’s bank in his vivarium tank.”