Sixty-seven days of Christmas for East Dene couple

Sixty-seven days of Christmas for East Dene couple

By David Parker | 23/10/2020

Sixty-seven days of Christmas for East Dene couple
Dave and Rio Fisher's living room in East Dene

THERE’S still more than two months left until Christmas — but one retired couple decided that the best way to beat the lockdown blues was to put the decorations up.

Dave (63) and Rio Fisher (70) were so glum at the prospect of not seeing their family during lockdown that they decided to trim up — 67 days before the big day.

They have turned their living room on Hillcrest Road, East Dene, into a festive feast for the eyes, with almost 2,000 fairy lights, wall hangings, ornaments and, of course, a tree.

Dave said: “Me and my wife were sat on the sofa, and she said ‘Shall we trim up?’

“I said ‘Go on, we will’, and my lad’s helped me put them up.

“There’s 1,960 lights on the ceiling and in the tree.”

As well as the tree and ceiling lights, Dave, a retired window fitter, and Rio have put festive houses on the mantelpiece and wall hangings around the room.

Dave said: “We like Christmas — we’ve got 19 grandkids and it doesn’t look as though they’re coming this year but we sent them some pictures on Facebook.

“Some say we’re brilliant, others say we’re crackers, but we’re not bothered because we’re cheering people up.

“I put it on Facebook and now other people are thinking of trimming up.

“What else is there to look forward to?

“There’s no Hallowe’en or Bonfire Night, you can’t see your kids or grandkids.

“We normally put them up the day after Bonfire Night, so we’re not too early,.”

Dave said said there would be even more decorations going up before Christmas Day.

He said he wanted to put stickers and fake snow in the windows but he could not get his hands on any yet because the shops were still stocking Hallowe’en decorations.

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