Scheme will help domestic abusers change behaviour

Scheme will help domestic abusers change behaviour

By Michael Upton | 13/01/2022

Scheme will help domestic abusers change behaviour

DOMESTIC abusers are to be given help addressing their behaviour thanks to a new training scheme launched in Rotherham.

The Inspire to Change Perpetrator Programme has been funded by the Police and Crime Commissioner and the county’s four councils.

The programme is said to be designed to help participants learn new skills and find better ways to manage and control their abusive behaviour.

It will encourage those taking part “to think and behave more positively to prevent harm to their partner, children and family in the future”.

Anyone found to have behaviour within their intimate relationships that are “controlling, abusive or violent” could be referred to the programme, which aims to help them recognise the signs of domestic abuse and why they use violence or aggression in their relationships.

The PCC’s office said each participant would have their own tailored engagement plan, which would include one-to-one sessions and group work as well as support to address wider issues linked to abusive behaviour such as addiction problems, debt and unemployment.

Commissioner Dr Alan Billings said: “In tackling domestic abuse, we have to look at it from all angles.

“We must provide the necessary support to victims and ensure that those who seriously offend are arrested and charged for their actions.

“But where offenders recognise they have a problem with their behaviour and want to change, this programme will help.

“I want to provide support to those individuals and help them address their anger and their coercive and controlling behaviour.

“In doing so, they will develop the practical skills they need to maintain a change in how they relate to others which will provide an improved life for them, their partners and children.”

The programme will be run by Cranstoun, which provides substance misuse, domestic abuse and criminal justice provision services across the country.



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