Rotherham brothers united across the world in promotion tribute

Rotherham brothers united across the world in promotion tribute

By Admin | 30/06/2022

Rotherham brothers united across the world in promotion tribute

A PAIR of Millers super fans have united in celebration of striker Georgie Kelly’s famous promotion-sealing goal.

Jason Brennan (52) and his brother Julian (46) are lifelong Rotherham United fans, having supported the team since their childhood in the Tony Towner days in the 1980s.

Following Rotherham’s recent promotion, the brothers decided to join their talents together to create The Tony Towner Trio — and to celebrated Irish forward Georgie, who scored the Millers’ second goal on the final day of the season against Gillingham.

The band’s name is a tribute to their late dad, band leader Dave Brennan.

Of the song’s creation, Jason said: “I’m a season ticket holder and live in Rotherham, but my brother is over in Japan.

“For that final match, I was watching at home, as I had to help out with a local karate competition.

“But when I saw that goal, it was an explosion of joy.

“It was absolute poetry to me, one of my top three Rotherham moments.”

After talking about the climactic final match of the season, the two brothers agreed that they needed to do something to celebrate.

“Julian’s a musician, he’s a multi-instrumentalist and has his own radio show,” Jason said.

It was through Julian’s knowledge and the brothers’ passion for their club that they were able to pull together the song St Georgie’s Day, with inspiration from their dad along the way.

“The third member of the trio, if you like, is our dad,” Jason said.

“He was a jazz musician, and was even on the front page of the Advertiser back in the day.”

To honour their father, the brothers decided to label themselves a trio, and wrote the song with him in their mind.

Now, with Rotherham heading off to the Championship, there’s excitement and trepidation amongst fans.

As Jason said: “I am a nervous person, but right now the club feels warm — we’ve got a manager who’s long-serving and our own identity.

“I’m feeling confident.”


The song is available on Spotify, as well as other digital providers, or can be found at: