Residents' frustration over power cuts linked to cannabis farms

Residents' frustration over power cuts linked to cannabis farms

By Michael Upton | 14/10/2021

Residents' frustration over power cuts linked to cannabis farms


FRUSTRATED residents plagued by power cuts said they were still getting mixed messages from network operators after yet more blackouts.

Householders told how the power had gone out more than 20 times in Ferham, Masbrough and Kimberworth since February, including a recent rash of outages.

Northern Powergrid put the problems down to “illegal overload activity” but one resident said cannabis farms and cabling issues had both been blamed.

South Yorkshire Police finally said: “We are working with Northern PowerGrid to investigate power cuts in Rotherham and whether these are linked to illegal activity.

“Cannabis farms which bypass electricity supplies can cause such power outages and can be incredibly dangerous.

“We have an action plan in place and will ensure that those who are responsible for this activity are found and dealt with.”

There was some hope of a breakthrough after police raided two properties in Ferham last Wednesday and seized more than 300 cannabis plants.

But a Ferham resident contacted the Advertiser to say the power had been out between 7.30pm and 4am on Saturday night for some — having been out for ten hours the Saturday before.

In a message to customers, Northern Powergrid said 132 homes had been affected and blamed a fault with an underground cable, adding that they had put a generator (above) in place while repairs took place.

The resident said: “This is about the 22nd power cut this year.

“They say it's due to a cannabis farm but there's mo mention of that.

“What I’m confused about is one minute it's cannabis farms and the next it’s faulty cables.

“We all desperately want this sorted.”

“We’ve been working with South Yorkshire Police after power cuts in the local area were caused by suspicious overload activities in the vicinity.

“We’ve made alterations to our network to reduce the number of customers affected by the power cuts and to protect our equipment from damage. We’re continuing to monitor our network and respond to any power cuts and would encourage anyone with information to contact the police on 101.”