Residents claim litter problem is being ignored

Residents claim litter problem is being ignored

By Michael Upton | 11/02/2021

Residents claim litter problem is being ignored


ROTHERHAM’S rubbish-strewn verges are getting worse all the time, one dismayed resident said.

Carol Lilleker called on Rotherham Council to do more to keep the borough’s roadsides neat after noticing a long stream of litter along lanes near her home.

She said Royds Moor Hill, Morthern Lane and Morthen Road near Whiston and Thurcroft were especially hard on the eye.

“Fly-tipping is dealt with quickly by Rotherham Street Pride once it is reported but the litter is not being dealt with,” Carol said.

“StreetPride does seem to be a bit of an oxymoron at the present time.  


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“Obviously, the Covid-19 situation may halt any works presently but this situation has been ongoing for several years and now, as there is less traffic due to lockdown, may be an ideal time to deal with the growing problem.”

Carol, of Laughton-en-le-Morthen, said the main problem appeared to be bags of rubbish thrown from vehicles into the hedgerows, which then burst open and spread up and down the roads.

“Added to the takeaway debris, this litter is building week on week and nothing appears to being done to clear it away,” she said.

“It used to be dealt with every year or so when the council would close roads in order for the litter to be removed in a safe manner, but this has not been done for several years and the litter is a build-up over time and is being added to daily by those who do not care to take their own rubbish home with them.”

Rotherham Council’s assistant director of community safety and street scene, Tom Smith, said that because traffic management was needed for staff to work safely in areas like those highlighted, scheduled litter picks were carried out along with grass cutting to minimise disruption, although the council’s Street Scene teams would carry out additional litter picking if needed.

He added: “It’s disappointing that people are throwing litter out of cars at all, and we’re grateful the litter build-up in this area has been brought to our attention.

“We will arrange for a team to go out and deal with this.

“If residents spot an area that needs extra visits from street cleansing colleagues, reporting it to the council — online or by phone — will help us to get there as quickly as possible.”

Concerns around litter can be reported online at or by calling 01709 336003.