Renewed hope for dad needing liver transplant after online appeal passes £100,000 mark

Renewed hope for dad needing liver transplant after online appeal passes £100,000 mark

By Roland Sebestyen | 28/04/2022

Renewed hope for dad needing liver transplant after online appeal passes £100,000 mark

A FAMILY man who has spent more than a decade living with serious health issues is in the midst of another uphill battle after being told he needs a liver transplant.

Chris Ansell (35) was diagnosed with liver disease three years ago and has now been told a transplant is the only solution after being diagnosed with liver cancer.

Told the treatment was not available on the NHS, he and his family set about raising the £150,000 needed to go overseas for the op – and have been inundated with support, passing the £100,000 mark in just two weeks.

“I am completely taken back by the amount of support we have received so far,” said Chris (pictured with his family).

“Never did I think after two weeks we would have raised this much money. I can only thank everyone from the bottom of my heart.”

Chris, who said the clock was ticking on his health, said he had experienced bowel problems for four years before being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis nine years ago.

“This would be manageable with 12 tablets a day just to keep it at bay,” he said.

“However, I was also diagnosed with primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC), a chronic liver disease, three years ago.

“Lately, I started to feel unwell and produce signs of jaundice. I felt tired and itchy, my eyes and skin turned yellow.”

What came next for Chris, who went to school in Bramley, was his worst nightmare.

After further tests and appointments, a consultant told them that because of the severity of the issue, he would need a liver transplant.

He said: “It was an absolute body blow.

“On top of all this, they found that I also had bile duct cancer. It's all happened very quickly.”

Chris, now of Halifax, said he was frustrated to be told he couldn’t have a transplant in the UK but he didn’t have time to “sit and point fingers”.

He added: “I can't take anything away from the doctors who essentially have given me care in the hospital — they are fantastic. It's not their decision at the end of the day, it’s the policy.

“It doesn’t seem fair that I’ve paid tax all my life, I’ve never missed a payment and I’m essentially unable to get the treatment I need.

“We tried to appeal and asked the UK advisory board to reconsider saying they are not offering me treatment they just prolong my life as opposed to giving me more time.

“I need to find another option as I don’t have time to just sit and wait.”

Mr Ansell said he had decided to set up the online fundraiser as the costs of a liver transplant are immense’

Mr Ansell said: “We set the goal to £150,000 as the liver transplant costs roughly about £100,000, and I need an additional £50,000 for pre- and post-care.

“Depending on where I go, I’ll have three to six months of chemotherapy, and with that I’ll also need 12 weeks of recovery at the end of it.

“Fortunately, I’ve got a lot of good people around me. I've got a beautiful wife and daughter.

“I’m not one for self-pity — you’ve got to get on with it, and that’s what I’m doing.”

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