REACTION ... Michael Smith and Michael Ihiekwe leave Rotherham United for Sheffield Wednesday

REACTION ... Michael Smith and Michael Ihiekwe leave Rotherham United for Sheffield Wednesday

By | 23/06/2022

REACTION ... Michael Smith and Michael Ihiekwe leave Rotherham United for Sheffield Wednesday

SOCIAL media has gone into meltdown with the news that Michael Smith and Michael Ihiekwe have left Rotherham United for Sheffield Wednesday.

Some Millers supporters have taken it on the chin and wished them all the but but many feel betrayed and angry that two of the team's best players over the last few years have moved down a division to the city neighbours from S6.

Here's just a selection of the comments on our Twitter timelines.

Would’ve left with our best wishes, but not now. Not after how they’ve gone about it and especially not with the club they’re leaving us for.

Any other club no problem, but the Massive?

Can’t wait for opposition fans singing are you rotherham in disguise!!!

Two of their best players leaving for nowt. Rotherham’s yo-yoing to continue for the 2022/23 season then

Good luck to them; they've both been great servants and deserve a pay day at the end of their careers. We must act quickly to replace, and not necessarily like for like.

We are talking about Smith and Ihiekwe aren't we? A couple of division 3 players. Not exactly Des Walker and David Hirst is it? Probably says more about the decline of the massive, and a back handed compliment to the championship level local rivals.

Pathetic from the pair of them leading us on for that long

Poor how they’ve gone about things really, thought they’d have had more respect for the club and the gaffer!

Gutted to hear this. But thanks lads! Some amazing memories and best of luck.

should've had this sorted ages ago. hopefully the club has the right people coming in straight away because if not we'll be in trouble

Can't blame them for going in for extra money however can't help but feel there's a new Rotherham United B team ??

Very disappointed in these two great servants to club and how they’ve handled this, especially as we plucked Smithy from Bury reserves and Icky from non-league with Tranmere.

Feel like we’ve been used a bit as a make weight to drive up their wages. Players come and go

Annoying yes. Both got kids they need to care for in life and the higher wages for both is more than fair enough. Leave with my best wishes best of luck lads

Had smith's best years and ihiekwe isn't a championship player

Good luck thanks for the service , money talks just a shame you guys will still be league 1 next year

We have no choice but to move on. If its wages out of our range we have to accept it

money will always override anything in any job, especially in such a short career & you’ve got a family to think about, and you’re stupid if you think otherwise
all the best to them, no love lost & no player is bigger than a team.

Move on, brutal game football. Get recruiting asap

Name on front is bigger than name on back. Onwards and upwards