Rape complainant “sure” she’s identified right man, court told

Rape complainant “sure” she’s identified right man, court told

By Dave Doyle | 06/02/2018

Rape complainant “sure” she’s identified right man, court told
Asghar Bostan outside Sheffield Crown Court

A WOMAN who claims a taxi driver raped her as a teenager says she is “100 per cent sure” she has the right man.

The complainant gave evidence at Sheffield Crown Court this morning (Tuesday) against Asghar Bostan (47), who denies two counts of raping her when she was a teenager in 2003.

The woman claimed Bostan, of East Bawtry Road, Whiston, had been known as Don in the early 2000s - which he denies.

She said the defendant was one of several men who visited a flat on Wagon Road, where she often stayed after running away from home.

The woman claimed Don visited the flat twice when she was aged around 15 and raped her on both occasions after she had been plied with alcohol.

Mr David McGonagall, defending, questioned the woman’s certainty that his client was the man known as Don

She answered: “I understand, but I am 100 per cent sure it was.”

He asked her whether Don had taken off all of his clothes when he attacked her, to which she said he had.

Mr McGonagall asked whether she had noticed any distinctive marks, such as birthmarks on his chest or buttock.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, replied: “I can't remember.”

Asked what the light was like in the room where Don attacked her, she said: “It was night time. 

“There was a bedsheet on the window – it was like that all the time.

“There was a light bulb, but it wasn’t on.”

Mr McGonagall asked her about the police identification parade she attended in 2014, adding: “When you were looking at the images, you weren’t sure whether it was number three or seven.

“You said you were in two minds about it and you were asked to make an identification and you said: ‘I’m going to say number three’.”

The woman replied: “They did look similar, but then I knew it was number three.”

He asked: “During the procedure, you weren’t sure if you had picked out the right person. Is that fair?”

The woman replied: “I know it was him. I just want justice for the years I have lost because of him.”

Giving evidence this afternoon, Bostan said he did not know the complainant or the address where she claimed he twice raped her.

Bostan told the jury he had prominent birthmarks on his chest and buttock.

The trial continues.