Putting wheels in motion in memory of MP Jo Cox

Putting wheels in motion in memory of MP Jo Cox

By Admin | 23/07/2022

Putting wheels in motion in memory of MP Jo Cox

CYCLISTS from Rotherham are preparing to push themselve to the limit next week to remember late MP Jo Cox.

The seventh annual Jo Cox Way cycling tour will be taking place on Wednesday, with 70 participants taking on the enormous five-day journey, from Derbyshire to London.

One of this year’s cyclists, Ruth Sutherland of Harthill, only recently found out about the event, but has high hopes for the ride’s potential.

“I was moved, as all of us were, by Jo Cox’s passing,” she said.

“I knew that her friends and family had rallied together to set up foundations, but only learnt about this bike ride late on this year.

“I just think it’s a wonderful thing, something that can bring people together.”

Ruth has been an avid cyclist for many years, working as cycling coach and in her spare time running a community cycling group.

“We started the community over lockdown, thinking cycling was a great thing we could all do,” she said.

“It allowed us to socially distance and get fresh air, while doing some exercise.”

Still Ruth and her husband Jim knew full well that it wouldn’t be easy for everyone to get on a bike and join the group.

She explains: “We knew there were lots of kids without a functioning bike.

“My husband set up a pop up stand so we could fix people’s bikes. No money changed hands — we did it all for free.”

The small stall ended up being a great success, with Jim fixing a total of 130 bikes, helping people get out and get socialising.

“There are people who never socialised now riding together,” Ruth told the Advertiser.

This community spirit is what drew Ruth to The Jo Cox foundation, noting how Ms Cox’s maiden speech in parliament had focused on having “far more in common than that which divides us”.