Prolific burglar locked up for five years

Prolific burglar locked up for five years

By Adele Forrest | 30/10/2017

Prolific burglar locked up for five years
Brian Oxley

A PROLIFIC burglar was caught by police after his DNA was found in two homes he had targeted over two days.

Brian Oxley (56), of Badsley Moor Lane, admitted two counts of burglary at Sheffield Crown Court on Friday and was jailed for five years.

Oxley’s blood was found on broken glass at a home he had burgled on Moorgate Road in September.

Two days later, he burgled a house in Worry Goose Lane, Whiston, and stole a laptop.

Further forensic examination and enquiries led police to Oxley’s front door.

Det Insp Aneela Khalil-Khan said: “Oxley had broken into the Moorgate house by smashing a downstairs window, before going on to steal cash, jewellery and a laptop. 

“Whilst entering or exiting the premises, Oxley left his DNA on the windowpane, which assisted us in identifying his as a suspect.”

The detective added: “Upon his arrest, we found the clothing worn by the offender, along with a bag stolen from the complainant’s house in the second offence. 

“The other stolen property was unfortunately never recovered. 

“Oxley is a prolific offender and I’m pleased that he has been given a substantial sentence for these intrusive crimes.”

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