Pop-up urinals suggested to beat peeing in street

Pop-up urinals suggested to beat peeing in street

By Gareth Dennison | 13/03/2020

Pop-up urinals suggested to beat peeing in street
A urilift in action.


POP-up urinals have been suggested as a way of reducing the number of people peeing in public.

One in every 18 fines given out under a ban on anti-social behaviour has been for urination.

Street-drinkers remain the biggest issue — accounting for three-quarters of the 143 breaches since the public space protection order was introduced two years ago.

The figures were discussed by Rotherham Council’s Improving Lives select commission.

Cllr Clive Jepson said: “Should we be looking at providing more public conveniences rather than closing them down?

“It does seem that there’s a need for them at some point in time, judging by these figures.”

Cllr Rose McNeely said: “About ten years ago, as part of the planning board, I had to visit Reading and they have two Urilifts.

“Through the day, it’s just a normal road but at night they turn a key and up pops a toilet for the men to use.

It’s a fantastic idea and might be worth considering.”

Reading’s innovativeTardis-like facilities — disguised as manhole covers during the day — were installed in 2002.

Colchester Council splashed out £25,000 on one in 2006 and they have also popped up in big European cities like London and Paris.

The only free public toilets in Rotherham town centre are at the market building, railway station and Riverside House, with pay facilities at the bus station and All Saints’ Square.

Cllr Emma Hoddinott, RMBC cabinet member for community safety, said: “We still have our town centre toilets.

There’s no excuse for people to be doing it in a public place.

“I find it really disgusting but I’m pleased that we are picking up that kind of behaviour and people are being punished for it.

“Some of these issues are regards the impact of drugs on people’s bodies.

That came through on some of the evidence when we put this together.

“There was a discussion about whether urination should be in here at all.

I think the fact that they have fined people doing it in the town centre is reason to have it in there.”

Cllr Alan Atkin said: “I get what has been said about it being disgusting. but when you have got 143 fines, six per cent is eight.

So in two years you have caught eight. It’s eight too many but it’s not an epidemic.”

Sam Barstow, RMBC head of community safety, said it was encouraging to see fines across a range of the offences, which also include spitting and failing to keep a dog on a lead.

And he added: “Eight offences is eight times we have caught people.

That represents a much bigger amount of issue than the actual figure suggests.”

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