Police stop taking lost property to save 300 hours per year

Police stop taking lost property to save 300 hours per year

By Dave Doyle | 27/09/2018

Police stop taking lost property to save 300 hours per year

POLICE will no longer take lost property reports after Monday in a bid to save around 300 hours of staff time each year.

Officers intend to spend more time tackling crime and anti-social behaviour, during the time saved, said a force spokeswoman.

South Yorkshire Police will only deal with lost ID documents and dangerous items like firearms, from Monday, October 1.

Lost foreign identity documents must still be reported in person at a police enquiry desk.

But anyone losing a British identity card or British passport must report it to the Passport Office instead.

The DVLA must be notified about lost driving licenses, while missing bank cards should be reported to the appropriate bank.

And a lost mobile phone should be reported to the service provider.

Anyone finding missing property should not take it to a police station — unless it fits certain high-risk categories, including weapons and ammunition, non-UK passports, drugs and pornography.

Devices which may contain personal data, like mobile phones, can still be handed to police.

Items which identify the owner can also be left at police stations after Monday.

Officers receiving phones will try to trace the owners, while bank cards handed over will be destroyed, to prevent them being used fraudulently.

Lost items can be reported at police-accredited website www.reportmyloss.com/uk — the service costs £4.95 per report.

Stolen items can still be reported to police through non-emergency number 101, or through www.reportingcrime.uk.

Legally, anyone finding other lost property must take reasonable steps to trace the owner.

If the item is lost or found in premises like a shop, school or on public transport, contact the company to register the loss or hand in the property.

Visit tinyurl.com/syplost for more information and to download a letter to insurers, confirming the change.

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