PICTURED: Thug who smashed up his neighbour's car while wielding a machete

PICTURED: Thug who smashed up his neighbour's car while wielding a machete

By David Parker | 01/12/2021

PICTURED: Thug who smashed up his neighbour's car while wielding a machete
Andrew Dickerson


A MACHETE-wielding man who attacked his neighbour as part of a campaign of harassment against the victim and his family has been jailed.

Andrew Dickerson (32) had already been banned from having any contact with his neighbours in Denaby after being convicted of making threats against them in March last year.

Sheffield Crown Court heard Dickerson’s neighbour had called the police at 6.30pm on September 15 and told them the defendant was at the back of her property and was there to “smash her car up”.

Ms Laura Marshall, prosecuting, said Dickerson had thrown an ornament shaped like a robot at the woman’s conservatory window and had then thrown a brick, which had bounced off the glass.

The woman’s husband had gone outside to ask Dickerson to stop but the defendant assaulted him, Ms Marshall said.

Dickerson had then taken out his machete, which the woman said had a two-foot blade, before pulling a balaclava over his face and walking towards the woman’s car with a hammer in his hand.

“He went around her vehicle smashing every window and slashing the rear tyres,” said Ms Marshall.

The woman said she had feared for her safety and that her property would be damaged.

The prosecutor said the female victim had tried to retaliate by throwing a plant pot over the fence.

Her husband had tried to chase him away with the handle of a mop, and had hit Dickerson on the head with the mop handle “as hard as he could”.

The defendant had then come towards the woman with the machete and she had believed she would be attacked with it but her son had managed to rugby tackle Dickerson and the defendant ran off, while up to 30 neighbours had gathered on the street, said Ms Marshall.

The woman said she had lived at her home for 29 years but she and her family had been having issues with Dickerson for two years and he had ruined their experience of living there.

She said in a statement read out in court that she had suffered a considerable financial loss because of the cost of repairing her car.

Dickerson, of Tadcaster Close, Denaby, had pleaded guilty at earlier hearings to breaching a restraining order, two offences of possession of a bladed article in public, possession of an offensive weapon in public, assault by beating and criminal damage.

He has 14 convictions for 21 previous offences, the court heard.

Mitigating, Mr Ed Moss said Dickerson felt genuine remorse and shame for how he had behaved.

He said the defendant had suffered a traumatic event when he was 14 and during his time in custody, he had had time to reassess his life.

Judge Graham Reeds jailed Dickerson for two years and five months, plus an additional 15 weeks for breaching two suspended sentences.

He said Dickerson had engaged in a campaign of harassment against his neighbours.

“This was a very serious breach involving an armed attack which had the potential for a very serious injury or serious disorder on the street,” he said.

“People are entitled to live in peace from their neighbours and not have this persistent behaviour towards them.”


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