Patient feels let down as ‘sex assault’ case doesn’t make court

Patient feels let down as ‘sex assault’ case doesn’t make court

By Michael Upton | 09/07/2021

Patient feels let down as ‘sex assault’ case doesn’t make court


AN ALLEGED sex crime victim says he feels let down by police after they decided not to take his case to court.

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, says he was sexually assaulted while a patient on a ward at a medical facility in Rotherham.

He said he awoke to find he was being assaulted by a member of staff and raised the alarm.

A suspect was arrested and questioned but South Yorkshire Police decided not to take the case further.

The alleged victim said he had been told by an officer that the force had decided not to put forward his statement to the Crown Prosecution Service for consideration.

The man said he felt let down by the police and had unanswered questions about why this decision was taken.

“It happened around two months ago on a ward,” he said. “I woke up and there was a man [assaulting] me.

“The guy got arrested and the police didn’t do anything for ages but a few weeks ago they said they wanted me to come and record an interview.

“I waited another three or four weeks and they contacted me and said they were not carrying the charges on and it would not be put forward to the CPS.”

The man said the decision had had “a serious effect on me”, adding: “I am in a vulnerable place at the moment due to the nature of why I was in there.

“It should go to court and I should have my day in court. I feel like I’m not going to get justice and where does that leave me now?

“They told me over the phone, which was really distressing.

“I suffer with PTSD and mental health problems and they decided to tell me over the phone and just advised me to call the crisis team.”

He said: “I know if they had put my statement forward to the CPS they would have taken it on.

“They told me they had decided not to pass my evidence on to the CPS as it ‘would not stand a chance’. 

“There was a nurse who gave a statement too, so why is that not enough?

“That is the best evidence you’re going to get. They have not put my evidence to the CPS. I believe the CPS would have charged him.

Investigating officer Kylie Davies confirmed police had received a report in March of a man being sexually assaulted.

“Officers attended and conducted a thorough investigation, including collecting evidence from the victim, speaking to witnesses and viewing all available CCTV footage,” she said.

“A man was arrested at the scene and questioned.

“Following these extensive enquiries, the evidence available did not meet the evidential stage of the full code test set out in the Code for Crown Prosecutors.

“I spoke to the victim personally to explain this situation and he has been offered ongoing support at what I understand must be a very difficult time.”

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