Parents urged to act on inconsiderate and dangerous parking

Parents urged to act on inconsiderate and dangerous parking

By Michael Upton | 02/10/2020

Parents urged to act on inconsiderate and dangerous parking


A CAMPAIGNING resident living near the spot where a six-year-old boy was knocked down outside his school has called for parents to do their bit to improve safety, insisting: “It’s frightening the way people park”.

Theresa Bell said she had been calling for 30 years for more safety measures outside Monkwood Primary, where schoolboy Harrison Martin uffered a broken leg and a serious head injury in an accident two weeks ago.

More than 500 people have signed a petition demanding a crossing patrol be restored, while Harrison's parents Claire and John said a dedicated crossing point should be put in place.

Mrs Bell said inconsiderate and dangerous parking by parents on the school run was largely to blame.

“Some parents just don't seem to care,” she said.

“People park their cars on the bend and you can't see. Some parents would park in the classroom if they could.

“They don't take responsibility - it is always someone else’s fault.

“Just after the accident happened, a lady parked on the bend and was getting a baby out of a car seat right on the bend of the road.

“I spoke to her but just got a mouthful of expletives back.

“It is quite frightening how they park.”

Mrs Bell said she had spoken to the school, written to her MP and asked Rotherham Council to step in.

“We've been campaigning here for 30 years,” she said.

“They sent wardens out once and put little notes on parents' cars and I contacted my MP and he said he would see what he could do about it but when planning department came back they said they couldn't put yellow lines there.

“We were always on the phone to the council saying someone was going to get killed outside the school.

“The message I got back was there had never been an accident on there so they would leave it as it was.

“Unfortunately, poor little Harrison is the first child to be knocked over but while I've been in my garden my heart has been in my throat as children have jumped out of the way of cars pulling up onto the pavement.”

Mrs Bell said she believed all schools should have a 20mph zone outside - Estate Road and Monkwood Road are 30mph.

She also suggested the problem could be addressed by parking wardens ticketing cars parking illegally on the kerb.

“There is dangerous parking everywhere,” she added.

“They are parking on the kerb so they are parking illegally. They would be slapping tickets on at least six cars on either side.

“If it saves one child's life then it is worth doing.”

Last week, the Advertiser learned that the area outside Monkwood had been chosen by Rawmarsh residents as the spot most in need of new safety measures, but Rotherham Council told a ward councillor it was unsuitable for improvements.

Harrison, who lives in Canklow, was still in hospital this week recovering from the accident on Friday, September 17.

Mum Claire said: Claire said she was overwhelmed by the amount of support and well-wishes the family had received

But she added: “Lots of people have signed the petition and it’s very much appreciated but I have a feeling that nothing will change.

“I’m disgusted as are many other parents that Monkwood was voted the area most in need, they had the funding yet someone still managed to put a stop to it.”

Claire said Harrison was going to need support whe he returns to school, her three-year-old daughter would not go to bed alone and she was still trying to process the accident.

“I just want someone to tell us why this accident has been allowed to happen when they are aware of the dangers and even had the opportunity to make things safe but they didn’t,” she said.

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