Overcharged for work that was not done, claims OAP

Overcharged for work that was not done, claims OAP

By David Parker | 22/02/2021

Overcharged for work that was not done, claims OAP


A PENSIONER says he was left feeling vulnerable when his roof began leaking again — two months after a roofing firm had worked on it.

Rowley Newson (78), of Parkgate, said he had complained to Conisbrough firm Weathershield about the poor quality of work they carried out on his roof in October.

He said he was overcharged by hundreds of pounds and the work was never completed to a high standard.

Mr Newson said he contacted the firm in October because the roof above his bedroom was leaking and it was damaged above his bathroom.

The roofer from Weathershield initially quoted Mr Newson £470 but after further inspection he said six tiles needed replacing and upped the quote to £760.

Mr Newson said he had kept some tiles which could be used for the job and handed them over.


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He said: “I had given them some slates. They went up and were supposed to do this and that, then they went, and they said it was alright.

“They gave me a ten-year guarantee.”

Two months later, after a heavy downpour, the roof began leaking again.

Mr Newson said he contacted Weathershield and they agreed to send a roofer out to have a look.

But the night before the roofer was due to come and look at the roof, he told Mr Newson he had tested positive for Covid.

Mr Newson said his son contacted Weathershield again via WhatsApp after the roofer’s ten-day isolation period but they never responded to his message.

He tried calling them but they did not return his call.

“My son contacted them and they didn’t want to know,” he said.

“We had to have another roofer because Weathershield charged us over the odds.”

Mr Newson said the second roofer said some of the work had been done but the job had not been completed properly.

He said Weathershield had only changed one of the roof tiles, had put no new lead flashing on and had failed to seal the lead around the chimney.

He said the second roofer had estimated that they had been overcharged by about £600.

Mr Newson said: “It’s made me feel terrible.

“We thought we were doing a good thing.

“It knocked me for six when they didn’t do what they were supposed to.

“I was really annoyed with it — especially when he wouldn’t come back to repair it.”

Mr Newson said the ordeal had made him feel vulnerable.

“I’m careful with my money and how I spend it,” he said.

“I don’t want anybody else to get ripped off.”

Mr Newson’s son emailed Weathershield a letter of complaint on February 5 asking for a refund and he was still waiting for a reply as the Advertiser went to press.

No-one from Weathershield responded to the Advertiser’s request for a comment.

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