"Ongoing Whiston Crossroads traffic light failure causing chaos"

"Ongoing Whiston Crossroads traffic light failure causing chaos"

By Sam Cooper | 29/12/2017

'Ongoing Whiston Crossroads traffic light failure causing chaos'
Richard Harrison from Whiston who is concerned about the number of time the lights at Whiston Crossroads have failed. 172171-3

CONCERNED driving instructor Richard Harrison fears “someone could be killed” if an ongoing fault at Whiston Crossroads is not fixed.

Richard (52) said all the traffic lights at the busy junction had been out-of-action at least seven times in the last two months.

And he told how last Monday a car had ended up on its side in a crash, while the traffic lights were not working.

“These crossroads have got to be one of the busiest in Rotherham,” Richard said.

“The lights must have been out about seven times in the last two months and it seems to have been since they put the pedestrian crossing in.

“I don’t understand why it keeps happening but it needs sorting before someone is killed.”

Extra right-turn filter lanes were installed earlier this year at the crossroads, where Pleasley Road, Moorgate Road meet East Bawtry Road meet.

Richard said the changes had helped the flow of traffic but he was concerned about how often the traffic lights weren’t working.

“I have been a driving instructor for 18 years and even I get nervous when I approach the junction and the lights are out,” he said.

“It’s dangerous and it’s causing chaos, especially at rush-hour. 

“I live near the junction and every time I drive past there seems to be someone working on the electrical box.”

Ajman Ali, the Council’s interim assistant director for community safety and StreetScene said there were “power-related” issues following changes to the lights in September but added they had now been resolved.

He added: “On Monday, December 18, the traffic signals failed due to a fault. The council’s maintenance contractor was on site within 20 minutes in line with our urgent response procedures.

“The fault was fixed within the hour and the signals are operating normally again. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused motorists.

“If the public come across any issues with traffic signals, signs or roads in the borough, they can be reported at www.rotherham.gov.uk/roads.”