One in 10 Christmas crash drivers had been drinking, say police

One in 10 Christmas crash drivers had been drinking, say police

By Phil Turner | 23/01/2012 0 comments

One in 10 Christmas crash drivers had been drinking, say police

ONE in ten car crashes in South Yorkshire over the Christmas holidays involved a drunk driver, statistics have revealed.

During a campaign targeting known drink-driving hotspots across the region in December, 4,690 drivers were breath-tested and of those 239 (5.1 per cent) tested positive, or refused to provide a breath test.

Of the total number of breath tests carried out, 828 followed a crash. Of these drivers, 10.6 per cent were found to be over the limit or unable to provide a test.

The figures compare with 7,729 tests carried out in December 2010, of which 316 were positive—4.2 per cent.

South Yorkshire’s chief inspector for road policing, Stuart Walne, said: “With over ten per cent of collisions involving drink drivers the message couldn’t be clearer, alcohol and driving must not be mixed.

“Drink driving kills and has a devastating effect on families and loved ones.

“South Yorkshire Police are very serious about keeping people safe from drink drivers, and I would like to thank my colleagues for their diligent work

“I would also like to thank the public for the support to the campaign and helping us with information of those who selfishly continue to drink and drive.

“If you know someone that regularly drives under the influence of drugs or alcohol I would urge you to contact South Yorkshire Police on 101 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”

Nationally, drink and drug driving figures for the December 2011 Association of Chief Police Officers showed that, across the country, 157,000 breath tests were conducted and more than 7,200 people were arrested.

Throughout December, South Yorkshire Police’s “Shaken and Slurred” drink-driving campaign involved posters on the side of buses, advertising on social networking sites such as Facebook and messages in cinemas across the county.

The police enforcement was supported by a local campaign raising awareness of drink driving, irresponsible drinking and key safety messages relating to alcohol.

The 'Shaken and Slurred' campaign appeared across the county and included a range of advertising methods such as local radio and bus-side advertising in addition to online advertising via Facebook and messaging in cinemas across the county.



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