Off-road trespassers chased by bike police

Off-road trespassers chased by bike police

By Michael Upton | 27/01/2022

Off-road trespassers chased by bike police


BIKE cops chased off-road riders across a former pit site and a working quarry after being alerted to them trespassing on farm land.

The South Yorkshire off-road team related how they had been tipped off about bikes “tearing through” a freshly planted farmers field near Braithwell and Stainton.

The vehicles, which had no number plates, were seen crossing public roads in front of parked cars before going onto the former Maltby pit site and into Stainton quarry.

“Quarries are not a playground for mature men, on two wheels,” said a spokesperson.

“There has been a fatal accident involving a rider at the (Maltby pit) site in the last two years — it’s treacherous with lots of open caverns, so it’s a hot spot for us to patrol to ensure people stay off and stay safe.

“They made their merry way onto Stainton quarry, just over the road, smashed through hedgerows and defences placed by the quarry owners and ploughed through another farmers’ field with fresh crops in to get to the quarry.

“There was work taking place on-site, with millions of pounds worth of equipment — the bikers buzzed the onsite security before weaving in and out of the working site machinery.

“They are trespassing on private land, disrupting lawful business, damaging farmers crops and riding on roads illegally to get there.”

One rider’s bike was seized on January 9 with help from a police helicopter and the rider was found to have no licence or insurance, the team said.

“We will be regularly patrolling this patch due to the increase in risk shown by the riders to get away and total disregard to the quarrying activities,” they added.



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