Nightclub-goer groped two women as they waited for drinks, court told

Nightclub-goer groped two women as they waited for drinks, court told

By David Parker | 10/02/2021

Nightclub-goer groped two women as they waited for drinks, court told
Doncaster Crown Court


A NIGHTCLUB-goer was thrown out of a club after groping two women as they waited to order drinks at the bar, a court was told.

Ahmed Bakhat (25), of Clifton Avenue, Rotherham, went on trial at Doncaster Crown Court yesterday (Tuesday) accused of sexually assaulting the two friends at the Amber Lounge in the early hours of Christmas Day 2019.

Ms Nicola Quinney, prosecuting, said the women had been dancing in the club with their friends when a man they did not know, said by the prosecution to be Bakhat, started dancing with them.

The friends ignored the stranger and did not engage in any conversation with him.

One of the women had told the man to go away, but he had ignored her.

They went to the bar and one of the women, who we are calling Woman A, said that the man had followed them over, Ms Quinney said.

Woman A felt someone touch her bottom over her clothing while she was waiting at the bar.

She thought it was the stranger who had been dancing with them and she told her friends, Ms Quinney said.

The second complainant, who we are calling Woman B, was also at the bar, and had noticed that the man who had been dancing with them was at the side of her.

As she waited to be served she felt a hand by her crotch, coming from the side of her, Ms Quinney said.

“It made her jump and she turned round to see who it was who had grabbed her from behind,” she said.

“She saw the male from the dancefloor — this defendant, the Crown says — walking away.”

A male friend who was with the pair pretended to be Woman A’s boyfriend to keep the man away from her.

Woman A told the bouncers what had happened and about half-an-hour later the man was thrown out of the club, Ms Quinney said.

When police arrived, both women confirmed that the man they were arresting was the man who had groped them at the bar.

Bakhat told police that he had gone to the club on his own but had later bumped into a friend, Ms Quinney said.

“He was asked if he had touched the females’ bottoms to which he replied, ‘Not intentionally’,” Ms Quinney said.

Giving evidence, Woman A told the jury she had drunk two bottles of WKD before heading to the club at about 11pm on Christmas Eve with two of her friends.

She said she had drunk about two or three more alcopops when she was sexually assaulted at the bar.

“I felt uncomfortable that he touched me,” she said.

“I turned around to see who it was and I saw him behind us.”

The jury saw CCTV footage of the two women at the bar with two male friends.

Under cross-examination from Bakhat’s barrister, Mr Chris Aspinall, Woman A rejected a suggestion that she had in fact been groped by one of her friends.

“I’m going to suggest that you’re mistaken about who grabbed your bottom, that you had been drinking that night, it was extremely busy at the bar and you can’t be sure as to who grabbed your bottom,” said Mr Aspinall.

“Yes, I can,” said Woman A.

Bakhat denies two counts of sexual assault.

The trial continues.