'Murder victim' was made to sell drugs and "sell herself" to men, court told

'Murder victim' was made to sell drugs and "sell herself" to men, court told

By David Parker | 21/04/2021

'Murder victim' was made to sell drugs and 'sell herself' to men, court told
Alena Grlakova


A WOMAN who was allegedly strangled to death and dumped in a stream was being made to sell drugs and sell herself to men in the days before she went missing, a court heard.

Alena Grlakova (38) had at the time been living with her partner Lucie Zimova and Lucie's mother in Swinton, having split from her husband five years earlier, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

Gary Allen (47), of Bradbury's Close, Parkgate, is on trial accused of killing Ms Grlakova following her disappearance on Boxing Day 2018.

He is also accused of killing sex worker Samantha Class (29) in Hull in October 1997 by stamping on her and strangling her.

Ms Grlakova's estranged husband, Villiam Grlak, said in a statement which was read to the court today (Wednesday) that the last time he had seen his wife was on Christmas Eve at 2am when she had turned up at his home.

"She came to me and knocked on my door unannounced," he said.

"She didn't usually do this - she didn't even visit her children.

"It was cold and raining outside.

"I felt sorry for her and that's why I let her in."

Mr Grlak said his wife had turned up at his door because she had nowhere else to go.

He said Ms Grlakova told him that she and Ms Zimova had had "a massive argument" in the car and Ms Zimova had thrown her out.

Mr Grlak said he thought she looked drunk and possibly under the influence of drugs.

"She looked absolutely horrible - she had sticky, messy hair, badly drawn-on eyebrows, and she looked older in the face, like she was 50," he said.

"She had a massive scratch on her nose."

Mr Grlak said Ms Grlakova had no mobile phone, no handbag and no money and had been alone.

He said he let her sleep on the sofa overnight, he said.

Mr Grlak said he had gone downstairs to make her a coffee in the morning and his wife had told him she didn't want to live her life as it was.

She told him that she wanted to go and live with her parents in Slovakia while she sorted her life out.

Ms Grlakova told him, he said, that she needed her ID card to go back to Slovakia but Ms Zimova had it, along with her bank card, national insurance number and all of her possessions.

She said Ms Zimova and her mother had been involved with people who would "do anything for money".

Ms Grlakova told him that she was being made to sell drugs and sell herself to men, he said..

Mr Grlak said Ms Grlakova left at 11.40am, saying she would fetch her ID card and come back, but she had never returned.

Ms Zimova's cousin, Daniella Kozarova, who was also a friend of Ms Grlakova, told the court the couple had been "jealous" of each other.

Ms Kozarova said she had last seen Ms Grlakova on December 19 when her friend had arranged to meet up with a taxi driver at Aldi whom she had been speaking to on the phone.

She said Ms Grlakova would speak to another man on the phone who was English and about 50.

Ms Kozarova said she did not know his name but he worked in a factory or warehouse and lived near Tesco in Rotherham.

She said the man had called her phone, because Ms Grlakova had sometimes used it, and he had asked her to "come and chill" with him at home.

Ms Kozarova said she had not liked the sound of the man and had not wanted to chill with him.

Allen is also accused of murdering Hull sex worker Samantha Class (29) by strangling her and dumping her in the River Humber.

Allen denies two counts of murder.

The trial continues.


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