Multi-million pound warehouse could create 500 jobs

Multi-million pound warehouse could create 500 jobs

By Gareth Dennison | 10/09/2021

Multi-million pound warehouse could create 500 jobs

A DEVELOPER has filed for full planning permission for a £24 million warehouse development set to create 500 jobs.

The proposals for land on Mansfield Road at Wales were tweaked earlier this year to provide screening to Gulliver’s Valley next door.

Now applicant Network Space has returned with detailed plans for the Vector 31 project at the former colliery site.

Mitigation for noise impact on the neighbouring theme park will take the former two acoustic barriers - 2.8 metres high and 15 wide - to the west of the service yard.

Network Space also says the addition of the seven units within Vector 31 are acceptable in terms of the impact on highways and transport.

Planning papers filed with the application said analysis of the expected extra traffic at peak times “does not result in the degradation or worsening” of the M1 junction 31.

The document adds: “Critically, the additional development traffic does not appear to alter levels of queuing on either of the two off-slip approaches to the junction and therefore the safe operation of the junction can be maintained with mainline traffic-free from the presence of block-back stationary queuing.”