MP blasts PM over cost of living

MP blasts PM over cost of living

By Gareth Dennison | 07/04/2022

MP blasts PM over cost of living


SARAH Champion said raising cost of living concerns at Prime Minister’s Questions was met with Boris Johnson’s “usual fudge and bluster”.

The Rotherham MP said the number of constituents contacting her saying they are struggling to afford food, energy and petrol was increasing daily.

And at PMQs last Wednesday (30) she highlighted how the Office for Budget Responsibility estimated that the Government’s measures will only offset falling living standards by a third.

“Prime Minister, do not blame Ukraine and do not blame Covid,” she said.

“This is down to your Government’s policies and your political choices. How do you sleep at night?”

The PM agreed that people were facing tough times but disagreed with Ms Champion’s analysis, saying the causes were connected with post-Covid inflation, at the root of which was the energy price spike.

He said universal credit had been raised and highlighted increases in the living wage and “cutting taxes on working people”, but added: “But of course we cannot do everything right now, and what we will do is ensure that we have a stronger economic performance and we have people in work.”

After, Ms Champion said people in Rotherham were really feeling the squeeze in a “perfect storm” of rising price, falling wages and increasing taxes.

She added: “Instead of taking meaningful action to support those facing tough times in our town, Boris Johnson has resorted to his usual mix of fudge and bluster.

‘The Government’s words about ‘standing beside’ families will ring hollow to those forced to choose between heating their homes and feeding their families.

“The Spring Statement was a real opportunity to act to help people in Rotherham, but the reality is that they give with one hand and take away with the other.”