More than 200 properties planned for ex-greenbelt land

More than 200 properties planned for ex-greenbelt land

By Gareth Dennison | 21/01/2022

More than 200 properties planned for ex-greenbelt land


PART two of a major housing project at Whiston has begun with plans filed for 217 properties on former greenbelt land.

Some 450 homes were approved by Rotherham Council for land to the south of Lathe Road in late 2020 despite more than 300 objections.

It has been known for about three years that a second application was incoming for the neighbouring ten-hectare site the other side of Shrogswood Road.

Applicants Ernest V Waddington Ltd has now submitted outline paperwork with RMBC, and public consultation is open until February 11.

The plans show 217 dwellings — down from earlier estimates of 250 — with one access from Shrogswood Road as the road link with East Bawtry Road.

One objector, of Sheep Cote Road, predicted the street would end up as a “rat run” with more drivers using the estate to turn right via Brecks roundabout.

She added: “To turn right out of our junction involves crossing a central reservation that’s not wide enough for a car to wait in, so you have to wait on Shrogswood Road for both directions of the dual carriageway to be clear.

“Even the developers’ own assessment describes it as sub-optimal.”

The land — much like Lathe Road — was removed from the greenbelt under Rotherham Council’s new local plan for future housing, which was confirmed in 2018.

Another objector, of Shrogswood Road, said: “The area around the sire is simply unsustainable regarding a major increase in traffic, let along schooling, doctors, dentists, where there is a current dearth of support. So heaven knows how all will cope when this goes through.”

A third added: “I’ve lived on Sheep Cote Road for six years. We suffer congestion due to the volume of traffic heading all ways towards and from Worrygoose roundabout.

“I can’t see how adding more houses will not impact this more, not to mention pollution.”

JVH Town Planning Consultants, the agents for the applicants, said in a report to RMBC: “The overall vision for the site is to create an attractive and sustainable development, to provide a new living environment which will provide a mix of new homes, open spaces and attractive recreational areas in keeping with the edge of settlement location.”

Caption: Plans showing possible layout for the site off Shrogswood Road, Whiston