Meet the haunted teddy of Rawmarsh

By Antony Clay | 28/09/2017

Meet the haunted teddy of Rawmarsh
Paranormal investigator Lee Steer with the 'haunted' doll and teddy. 171526-4

A HAUNTED doll which is said to scratch men has now been joined by two more scary objects — which are said to growl and grunt.

Their previous owner was so scared of them that she buried them for four months before digging them up and giving them to a Rotherham-based paranormal research group.

The doll and teddy have been added to Project-reveal’s spooky museum and will be the focus of future research.

As the Advertiser reported previously, Project-reveal recently took possession of a doll called Christine which has been said to scratch people.

Now, member Lee Steer of Green Lane in Rawmarsh has collected the two new objects — a doll called Charlotte Rose and a teddy called Mr Ted.

He said that strange things began happening as soon as the group started driving the objects back to Rotherham.

Lee and members of his team collected the two items from the medium who has been investigating Christine.

Lee said: “The two new additions were dug up by a medium who was so terrified of them that she had to bury them 30 minutes away from her house.

“The medium bought them from an antiques shop in Micklefield. She bought them because she felt something from them but she didn’t realise it would be something she was frightened of.

“She had a feeling that the objects needed to come to my house so she dug them up from the ground and we picked them up the same day.

“We sat down and filmed a documentary, asking her about the doll and teddy. She says she has a sinister feeling from them.

“She called them Charlotte Rose and Mr Ted.

“They have made shadows within her house and horrible noises like grunts and growls, and made people feel sick and given them headaches.

"I must admit that on the drive home, three out of four people experienced sickness and headaches in the presence of the new items.

“While we were doing the documentary we detected unusual static changes on our meter which was odd, plus when we first entered her house we heard something like a growl. Some say it sounded like a scratch but I thought it was a growl.

"And then it was followed by a rumble in the direction of where these two new items were located.”

He said that other strange phenomena had been seen at his house since Charlotte Rose and Mr Ted have arrived.

Lee said: “Since these items have been here, the temperature meter has been changing rapidly and during a live stream some fans reported and captured a red glow on the wall which we are unsure what it could be. Paranormal? No idea.

“I am still sceptical.”

Lee said that the headaches amongst members of the group on the car journey could have been caused by fumes from the doll. 

He added that he had been told by the medium that the live stream about the objects she made which supposedly captured a voice and caught noises and shadows, though it has now been deleted as the medium was “so terrified”.

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