'Meadowhall scene' abusers would "get nasty", court told

'Meadowhall scene' abusers would "get nasty", court told

By David Parker | 06/10/2020

'Meadowhall scene' abusers would 'get nasty', court told


A MAN accused of sexually abusing a girl once stole her phone when she refused to let him perform sexual acts on her, a court was told.

Faisel Hussain (33), of Lovetot Road, Kimberworth, is on trial at Sheffield Crown Court accused of two counts of indecent assault against a girl, who we are referring to as Girl B, between January and June 2003.

He is on trial alongside Yasir Iqbal Hussain (37), of Norborough Road, Tinsley, and Azad Akram Raja (37), of Adney Street, Sheffield, who are accused of eight child sexual exploitation offences against another girl between April 2001 and April 2004.

They are accused of abusing schoolgirls who would hang around the ‘Meadowhall scene’ — a reference to the shopping centre — in the early 2000s.

Girl B told police, in an interview that was played to jurors yesterday (Monday), that she used to hang around Meadowhall with other girls and older Asian males.

“They constantly would get us to do things — [oral sex] and things, and I would constantly say no,” she said.

“They used to get nasty — more verbal than anything.

“I never knew their proper names — one was called Shorty and one was Fish.”

The prosecution allege that Fish is Faisel Hussain.

Girl B said her friend, who is the first complainant in the trial, used to “go out with” Azad Raja.

She said the man she knew as Fish was “always there” and she would see him around Rotherham as well as in Meadowhall.

“There was an incident in Meadowhall,” she said.

“We were sat on the seats there and he was asking me to do sexual things.

“I can’t remember what it was.

“When I said no, he tried to steal my phone.

“He actually took my phone off me and wouldn’t give it back for ages.”

Girl B said Fish would always have his hands on her.

She said he had tried to force her to give him oral sex at the back of a bus from Meadowhall to Rotherham.

“I managed to get up and get away because we were on a bus and there were people downstairs,” she said.

“It was embarrassing and it was not very nice.

“I said, ‘I don’t want you to do it’.”

Girl B said that on another occassion Fish had made her give him oral sex.

"I didn't want to do it," she said.

"He was holding my head so I couldn't move."

Girl B said she never spoke to the other complainant about the abuse.

“It was normal to us at the time,” she said.

Asked by police why she kept returning to Meadowhall, she said: “I don’t know — it was like I was drawn to it even though I hated it.”

The defendants have been charged as part of the National Crime Agency's investigation into child sexual exploitation in Rotherham.

The trial continues.

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