Maltby by-election results

Maltby by-election results

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Maltby by-election results

THE empty seats at Maltby Town Council have now been filled after the votes were counted from last Thursday's by-election.
Jon Carratt (The Labour Party) and David James Brennan (Independent Person) will fill the vacant positions left by Alex and Lynn Laird after receiving the most votes.
The full results are as follows:

David James Brennan (Independent )  661 (elected)
Jon Carratt
(The Labour Party) 779 (elected)
Peter Cooper (Independent) 659
Ann Dickinson (The Labour Party) 598
David Fleming
(Independent) 476

For reaction to this story, see  Friday's Advertiser.

  • well done dave brennan for winning a seat.

    theone. Fri 30 Apr 09:53:39.

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