LETTER: Who do I vote for?

By READER | 01/06/2017

LETTER: Who do I vote for?

LOOKING at the Rotherham contenders, none of them are particularly palatable at all.

Why the local Cons have a man based in South London, I do not know. That will not attract Labour votes even for Brexit. They should have got a local man.

Labour will probably get in with the turncoats we have that are not really Labour at all.

Greens, only with my Sunday dinner.

UKIP did us a favour but is now out of favour.

The damn Labs are no things to all people.

It would be nice to see an independent Yorkshireman but it will not happen.

Ten thousand extra police on the streets is a good Labour idea.

The cost over five years is about £12 million. That though may not include pension payments and uniform. I think my sums are better than the obnoxious Ms Abbott, who could have, like me, looked up a copper’s starting wage on the internet. This could easily be taken from the bloated unwarranted, so high aid budget which is about £13 billion. I believe. And if Mrs May had any real guts that is what she should do. Plus some more for the armed forces and the NHS.

Ms Sturgeon is at it again. It has got to the stage where a lot of people who do not want to break up the UK may just say oh go and be damned. And it gets rid of her 56 MPs as well.

Her anti-austerity programme is all very well but who will pay for it? The English taxpayer of course.

And her double speak on putting up the corporation tax. She could do this in Scotland herself without us but she would rather Mrs May looked the bad one by putting it up all over. She says just putting it up herself in Scotland will not work.

What she really means is some companies would move to England and some would go abroad.

I am in favour of Scotland having a proper winter fuel payment. I am also in favour of it here because a Tory means test will be that only the wasters and cheats will get it although it’s not most of them who paid in all their lives.

I wonder if she knows how much money the thousands of Polish workers send back to Poland instead of spending it in the Scottish economy.

And how is she going to find jobs for several thousand workers at our Scottish bases if we pull out? She is playing with fire. The EU might take her in to spite us but she is a lame duck financially. Frau Merkel says that the EU can no longer rely on the UK and the USA. Yes madam and you will have to find the extra money because for all the French did not want a populist leader they have a po-faced professional politician in Macron. He is more worried about his lazy farmers’ subsidies.

If he increases taxes to help out Germany there will be riots in France, Greece is dead for money and Spain and Italy and Portugal are not far behind.

So who do I vote for, no real idea at the moment except it will not be the Unite Labour party. If the local Liverpool activists had any guts they would have said we will not support the person you foisted on us and we will have our own local independent Labour man instead.

Martin Fletcher, Thorpe Hesley

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