LETTER: Vote for the only leader with courage

By READER | 18/05/2017 3 comments

LETTER: Vote for the only leader with courage

WILL the people of Rotherham for once in a lifetime put this country first, and follow what seems like the majority of this country are about to do, to vote for the only person with the courage to deal with the job — destroying the un-democratic, bullying gravy train that is the European Union. That person is Theresa May.

New Labour, now run by the  far left Trots of Corbyn,  McDonnell  and Diane Abbott, are a great danger to the safety of this country. The first duty of any government is the safety of its people. This lot of misfits want to get rid of our deterrent, and give any money that is spent on our armed forces away to foreign aid (as though we don’t give enough already).

These un-patriotic leaders of what once was a great party now want the people that voted to leave the EU to totally waste their democratic vote to leave the union and to vote to once again be ruled by un-elected un-democratic, un-able to get rid of, fat cat bureaucrats living on vast salaries and pensions the British public pay for.

The people of Rotherham must vote with their heads and realise the total disaster of putting the country in the hands of the loony left, now controlled by the Momentum faction and the likes of the barmy unions.

We cannot allow this mob to join up with the silly Lib Dems and Scottish SNP, and scupper a deal that is so vital to the future prosperity, living standards and our place in the world. At a time when there is a rise in terrorism, and the threat of an unstable leader like Putin of Russia, we cannot afford this country to be run by weak pacifist like Corbyn. This country of ours will not be bullied by anyone, as the last two world wars prove.

Some of the views of comrade Corbyn are mind blowing  — he is on record as saying that the world should be obliterated so that mother nature can start again!  He wants to honour the murderers of the IRA, have dialogue with IS, be amicable with Hezbollah and Hamas terrorist groups ......how any right minded person could vote for the extreme policies of these nutjobs is beyond me? When voting please remember that our two Labour MPs — Champion and Healey have both joined Corbyn, and now have the same policies and agenda of the loony left. They both jumped on the Corbyn bandwagon after they were elected to the dismay of the true Labour voters of the old values of  past Labourites of Rotherham.

It is now time for a radical change of fortune for the people of this once great town. They must get rid of this new breed of Labour, and vote in someone with passion and vision for this country to be great again. We voted in our millions to close our borders, take back our country, make our own laws  and shape our own future. We must not go backwards.

Labour are dangerous. Can you imagine having Diane Abbott as our Home Secretary?  McDonnell was recorded speaking on May Day under the banner of the sickle and hammer and the flag of the Syrian tyrant Bashar-al-Assad.

This surely speaks volumes of the mindset of these un-patriotic leaders of this mob masquerading as the Labour Party.

Labour will surely get the ill-informed Muslim vote as they are under the wrong impression that they will be sent home after Brexit, whereas nothing could be further from the truth. We may though see our two illustrious MPs actually visiting places like Eastwood now they want to stay on the gravy train.

We cannot afford Brexit not to be a success. This country must have a strong leader and negotiator in the future talks with our current masters in Europe. Corbyn and his mob would wilt under the pressure, just like the weak Cameron did.

This must not be allowed to happen, so I hope the people of Rotherham put their prejudice against the Tories aside and do the only sensible thing for the future of their children and grandchildren, and vote with common sense for Theresa May. Just remember if things don’t work out, you can always vote differently next time! I know where my vote will be. I want Great Britain to be ruled by our own Parliament, voted for by our own people, and not under the thumb of foreigners that live in cloud cuckoo land.

Please when voting remember the ultimate sacrifices of  our brave men and women who gave their lives in two world wars for the freedom of this country. They would feel betrayed to know we had given extremists of the far left the powers to run this country. Corbyn and co must never be given the keys to no 10, it would be a disaster.

Ray Darby, ex-Rotherham, now Sheffield

  • I agree with both the comments above. I find it very disappointing that the Advertiser publishes such total drivel.
    Today's Advertiser letters were all the better for the second week running there was no rubbish from Clive Phillips who lives in a world of his own. I accept that all readers of whatever political persuasion have the right to air their views but surely there has to be some editorial control when their facts are wrong and they are insulting to other correspondents

    awill. Fri 26 May 15:28:03.

  • I have never commented on here before and up to today believed the Advertiser was a paper for our Town, not a platform for ex Rotherham citizens to spout Trash....Seriously disappointed this made it on here, go and visit Eastwood Mr paper man, talk to the amazing people who live there in dire circumstances, more Rotherham by postcode and living here than this clown .

    JF. Thu 18 May 18:27:44.

  • I have never heard such an ill-informed, propaganda filled load of tripe in my life.
    I cannot believe our local 'voice' would publish such a brainwashed piece of drivel.

    Lroth. Thu 18 May 17:00:39.

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