LETTER: The lefty Labour memory erasing clinic

By READER | 08/08/2017

LETTER: The lefty Labour memory erasing clinic

IT’S been sometime since I penned a letter to the Advertiser but I have read some of the garbage coming from the far lefties, namely Paul Dewick, D Platts and then Jo Burton, all in total denial of past Labour failings and a complete ignorance of how the country’s finances work.

Firstly, let’s put Mr Dewick straight regarding the difference between debt and deficit. Deficit is the yearly difference from tax income and government spending, the Conservatives have reduced this deficit, Mr Dewick, from £150 billion to £50 billion since taking over the mess left by Labour (as usual). This figure is added to the ‘National Debt’ and that is the reason it is still growing. In last week’s paper Jo Burton wines on about austerity and blames Osborne for only hitting the public sector, well does she realise that most of the taxes we pay go on public services; where else can you make cuts to spending money you don’t have?

I think Labour have the answer to that. Let’s borrow some more money but don’t tell the under 30s that they will be the ones who will have to pay it back, the same young idiots who voted for Corbyn in their droves like a heard of sheep, the same idiots who were in short pants and gymslips when Labour crashed the economy in 2008 so they have no memory of what happened.

When will the lefties learn, we can only have the public services we can afford? The public sector is the highest paid workforce and has been for some time. The average wage in Britain is £25,000, the average pay for a nurse is £31,000, a fire fighter is £29,000, police £32,000, teacher £33,000, and this is on top of their gold plated pensions paid for mainly by the tax payers. So please stop bleating on about only having a one per cent pay rise, it’s still more than the country can afford at the moment.

If Gordon Brown had not sold off our 400 tons of gold at $252 per ounce we could have easily funded the banking crisis when the price rose to $1,800 per ounce. The trouble was clever Mr Brown told the markets how much he was selling and which day, so they manipulated the price down. According to Labour’s manifesto, Corbyn and McDonell intend to borrow £500 billion more if they are elected but they say it’s ok because it will be spent on infrastructure projects. Does that mean we don’t have to pay it back?

What seems to be quite clear to me is that to be a far lefty socialist you must go through a cleansing process which comprises the following. 1) You have to attend the far lefty clinic where they have their memory erased of any Labour past failings (and that’s a lot). 2) you must be a total economic illiterate and attend the Diane Abbott school of guessing game mathematics (any number will do). 3) Must have an inbuilt hate for anyone who makes good and have a burning desire to spend other people’s money without consequence.

The two lefty buddies, Corbyn and McDonnell, have never had proper jobs unless you can call being a union researcher or a union organiser proper jobs, one of them never took any GCSEs and the other only managed two at E grade, so what gives them any authority to think they have the intelligence to run our great country? Talk of jobs for the boys, I hear that Mr Corbyn’s eldest son is the chief of staff for John McDonnell, well isn't that cosy?

If Corbyn ever made it into No.10, I would give us five years max before we were in a worse state than Greece with his business hating taxes and the old familiar spend and borrow. I’m afraid there would be no way back, that’s when we would see all the lefty voters running for the hills saying it’s nothing to do with me, we didn’t know it would come to this, does this sound familiar? So my message to all you Corbyn loving lefties is this, vote for him if you wish but please don’t say you were not warned and before writing any more articles do some research, check the facts and do try to use your brains a little more, that’s if you haven’t already been to the Labour lefty clinic for memory cleansing.

George C  Dinnington


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