LETTER: Not so smart at all

By READER | 19/07/2017

LETTER: Not so smart at all

WELL done Mr Billups, you know what a Master Fletcher is. Poisoned barbs not at all. I may not be perfect all the time but if you voted for this lot of Labour then considering your age you should know better. They are not the Labour party you grew up with as a young man.

They are now 50 per cent anarchists, IRA sympathisers, anti-English, spiteful and jealous.

I doubt Labour supporters like you are any of this.

On a different tack, most fracking will be where the Tory nimbys are so that should not affect you.

I watched the first of this year’s Watchdog. I had stopped watching it because it had become part sensationalist and not putting all facts in.

I wanted to see their take on not so smart meters. They only did the safety concerns re installation. They are right to say only experienced engineers should do it. This is because they would have seen many types of meters and apertures and boiler installations.

I was amazed someone still had a meter in their bedroom. And certainly boilers have not been allowed in bedrooms for years.

What they failed to point out was that 1) The software for each utility company is in the main not compatible with any other. So if you watch Martin Lewis or read Which mag and want to change your supplier for a better deal your smart meter will no longer work. 2) So you either stay on a dearer price or you go back to reading the meter yourself as I do every month. I have never had a smart meter and unless they bring in a law that says I have to have one they can stick it.

I know perfectly well what I have on and what I can leave off when not in use. So I will not make any savings with a meter which will only tell me what I already know. In the case of NBG, in £s. So what it will not make me turn the freezer off. The Greens to be placated have made us spend millions on these meters for nothing. Anyone with half a brain knows to turn the switches off on a kettle or coffee machine or dishwasher etc when not in use.

You can turn your TV and box off but remember you will not get a recording done if you do that as I found out the hard way. As my wife is disabled, if I am in hospital I have a none-digital oven which only gets switched on if I or she uses it but she cannot stand for more than five mins so a simple on hob or oven suffices and she can then sit down until the cooking time is done. All small appliances are off at the switch. Computer goes on about 0800/0900 and off at 1800 unless I need to use it. It has the sleep function anyway.

On another front, I read a couple of weeks ago that our useless PCC, a function no area needs, has messed up with the South Yorkshire Police Chief. Personally I think he should have been sacked for his handling of the abuse cases along with his senior officers, but our PCC, bless, him messed up.

I suspect that Mr Billups and Mr Platts voted for him as well. A man who has spent more time shielding his Labour cronies then getting them prosecuted for misdemeanours while in office.

If we have to have a PCC then it should be on capability lines, not political. That way people might get some real justice. And yes, the whole of the Kensington lot should resign or be sacked by the government if they can do it. Never ever till I saw the chairman’s face did I see the unacceptable face of a grisly complacent smarmy Tory.

Martin Fletcher, Thorpe Hesley


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