LETTER: No sympathy for these countries

By READER | 19/04/2017

LETTER: No sympathy for these countries

SOMETIMES I suspect I am seen as very right wing. That is only in respect of we the born British of this country, whatever religion or creed do not get the same rights as criminals escaping custody in their own countries within and without, the EU. People like Sham Chakribati think more of them, than anybody born here.

Although I personally do not go into the town central often, I see that Mr Billups, a man whose views I respect agrees with most of what I have said. Adding to that I would say Holland and Barrett going will not impinge much on the town. I have always thought them overpriced and to full of themselves. They have a niche market but of their stuff can be bought on the internet and there is similar in a lot of the supermarkets now.

I did not read I think all of Mr Phillips’ letter, if any. I see someone has replied in the negative and several eastern euro figures were mentioned.

I do not want people like those in this country but there are many here having either changed their names or simply walked in and got away with it. It’s rather like when Churchill let the Ukrainian SS prisoners stay here because they said they fought against Russia as nationalists while a lot of Russian SS prisoners were sent back to death and imprisonment. He disregarded the Jews they butchered. Both sides of the Ukrainian war that’s current are no better than each other but the EU cosies up the Nazi half. The pro Russia half forgets all the murders that they carried out against anti Communists.

I have a long memory and know a bit from my parents. My grandparents were already dead. I have no sympathy for some of these countries within or not in the EU. The Hungarian, Croatian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Romanian Einsatz groups of the SS willingly and brutally rounded up Gypsies, Jews, Communists and others they considered "Untermenchen" and sent them to Auschwitz and similar camps. So I am a little jaundiced at some of these so-called refugees Sham patronises and fights for. But, then again, the left wing fascists of the Students Union, Corbyn’s version of the Labour Party and Momentum also support them.

Martin Fletcher, Thorpe Hesley


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