LETTER: More parking is needed, but it won’t happen

By READER | 24/04/2017

LETTER: More parking is needed, but it won’t happen

ABOUT two weeks ago one of your readers wrote in he was concerned about the seemingly overpaid staff who in the words of a well-known columnist were doing Gaurdianista none jobs.

Lo and behold (from Omar Khayam) a week later a group published a long council list showing that many jobsworths in the councils, around the country, were earning more than the PM.

I looked at some of these jobs. They are usually things like outreach manager and diversity manager. Or in other wards PC compatible garbage jobs for the boys. I wonder how many in Rotherham we are paying for. Overpaid self important po-faced twerps. Rotherham could have about ten extra proper staff if they got rid of two or three of them.

Another thing in the nationals was that councils wanted more powers to remove cars from parking on the kerbs. We already have that: it’s called obstruction.

Looking at at least six streets I have driven on in the last three weeks if cars did not park on the kerb then cars, let alone buses would not get up the streets. So you useless lot in highways, are you going to create more parking? No of cause not. That would be politically incorrect. Parking for car drivers in Rotherham near their homes. They would have to give up their perks and junkets.

I have yet to see, and I have lived in several, any Labour-controlled boroughs where they actually care about the working class, getting to work, parking, and getting home. It is more what can they do to mess the workers up. Overloaded traffic controls, fewer buses. The old and the disabled in the villages forgotten about. You can be sure as well that if it snows heavily in the suburbs the buses will not run and the snow will not be cleared either except maybe on the main roads. Not much point if you cannot get out of the side roads to get on them.

This morning at around 9am on the 21st I arrived at Rotherham Hospital for three checks including a minor operation. When I left at about 11:40 I paid £3.80 in order to get my car out. I wonder what percentage the hospitals get from this from the spiv operators of the car park. If the hospital ran it themselves I doubt they would have the overheads of these companies who exist on profits and fines. I feel sorry for people who may be there all day and are a captive audience. It’s a disgrace. Many cannot come and go by bus and a taxi will not save you money.

There is a old eastern European word for these people which sound better than thieves and it is "Goniff".

Martin Fletcher, Thorpe Hesley


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