Letter: Leader must be strong and genuine

By READER: Ged Dempsey | 09/08/2016 0 comments

Letter: Leader must be strong and genuine

CORBYN is a proven winner and was leading the Tories in the polls until the MP rebels mounted their coup to undermine, dis-unite and sabotage the party’s electoral chances. He has won nine general elections as a campaigning and fighting back MP.  He has successfully forced the Government to drop policies by mounting challenges. He has grown the party and quadrupled its membership.  Therefore, it’s hard to fathom the true motive for this utter disgraceful attempt at destroying him and in the process, with daily venomous attacks on him, destroying the Labour Party.                                                                                                                                                                                             Discredited King of Spin Alistair Campbell, Aussie henchman John McTernan and others have been behind the plotters agenda.

There is no doubt that the damning report by the Chilcott Inquiry claiming that Tony Blair and all those that voted for a war had ensured that most terrorist atrocities up to this day from around the world are linked to that war. Many of the plotters fall into  the ‘blood on their hands group’ and  knew that Jeremy, who along with Tony Benn and Denis Skinner and others in Labour and across other parties voted against that war, had declared in May he would apologise to the  British public on behalf of the Labour Movement. The trade union movement and all faiths were against the illegal war lauded by Blair and the majority of his crony PLP.                                                                           

Is this the key factor that underpins the plotters real cause of trying to get rid of a successful leader?

Chilcot is the most damning report ever about any individual the history of Parliament. Tony Blair as Prime Minister and all those that voted for this war were rightly dammed. This made it certain that there would be a group with blood on their  hands that would oppose Corbyn at any costs as a total distraction to protect their own skins but  not conscience.

British media and its press barons refuse to take up the findings of Chilcot because the whole of the British media promoted this war and they also have blood on their hands and that is why there is so little coverage.                                 

This means that the whole of the British establishment are found more than wanting on this very serious issue that has made Britain a country that many will not want to do deals with.    

Surely we should all be very concerned about this?

The public should be aware of the contender. A wolf in sheep’s clothing who is attempting to claim he is a truly better left winger than Jeremy. It’s farcical. In fact, Smith has either voted for or abstained for a Conservative budget that attempted to take away finance for disabled people’s tools and aids to make their life experiences tolerable. He and many of his supporting MPs backed or abstained on Tory Ian Duncan Smith’s pernicious welfare cuts against the poorest and the evil workfare scheme. The stooge Labour contender said: “The truth is, we must still support overall reductions in welfare spending.” He comes out with this offensive tripe at a time of spending £billions to cut taxes for the very richest families and also the £100s billions on tax avoidance. The contender and former drugs lobbyist is backed by drugs firms, big business and press barons. He supported and lauded PFI/privatisation of our NHS.  He recently voted for air bombing strikes against Syria and Iraq and he goes to arms fairs. The
se are not Labour values. A few years ago the same fella said he wanted to be more Blairite than Blair!  But now, post Chilcott, the word Blairite is a banned offensive word. He must also learn not to do a Mrs Trump and steal Jeremy’s policies and speeches or jackets! It’s becoming a joke. He's making himself look ridiculous and phoney.

It would be wise to greet his Damascus conversion with caution. One year ago, he supported the public-sector pay freeze, which is affecting workers like fire fighters, nurses and our junior doctors, for the sixth consecutive year!

Whereas, Jeremy is a decent, honest man with integrity. He has real Labour convictions and is respected and trusted by the whole movement. He has proved how strong he is in the face of the bullying from the rebels and their flunkies. He has stood up his whole life for our schools, NHS, public services and human rights.                                                     

 He is for public ownership of our Royal Mail and railways, not the current third world standards. He is a champion to workers, to the elderly and the disabled. He has made the most progressive change to Labour’s housing policy for decades. He stands up for secure and safe workplaces. He will invest in our communities and protect our local councils.  The public like to be entertained but are fed up with the circus of shallow politicians who can talk the talk but then do the opposite of what they claim. Jeremy is a threat to the plotters, the mass media and establishment’s cosy and incestuous set-up. What Jeremy says he does.

The public have had enough of Blairite types with their slick spiel, with no substance. We need a leader who is strong, trustworthy and genuine.                                                     Willing to stand up and fight for the people. That man is Corbyn.                                                                                                                                                            

Ged Dempsey, Wath-upon-Dearne


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