Letter: Coup MPS all supported war

By READER: Ged Dempsey | 02/08/2016 1 comments

Letter: Coup MPS all supported war

Chilcot confirms what millions of us knew in 2003, the case for war had not been made. It was an unnecessary and illegal conflict, launched on the basis of flawed intelligence, secret diplomacy and with no sound legal basis. It was done on a web of lies to mislead the public.

Blair should be put on trial. It’s a disgrace that some MPs that voted for the illegal war refuse to apologise. They have destroyed Iraq to a rubble.                                                                                                                    Ex-squaddies have been demonised for being critical of the illegal war or inferior kit/resources and how they were treated when they were forced out.

It has highlighted the sheer lack of oversight, scrutiny and judgement by MPs and failure to listen. They knew best. Not. They swallowed Campbell’s dodgy dossier. It has cost hundreds of thousands of lives and made both the Middle East and the wider world much less secure.

Our thoughts must be with those who lost loved ones, and with the people now living in the abysmal insecurity that followed this war. It is long past time that those responsible are held to account.

Blair and all those that voted for the illegal war on a false premise were not prepared to listen to the counsel of others such as Kofi Annan, Hans Blix, Professor Kelly and the late Foreign Secretary Robyn Cooke. They failed to listen to the millions who marched to Stop the War in London and across the UK.                                                                  As a result, the Iraq war has made the world a more unsafer world.

Corbyn was opposed to the war like most of the public. However, unlike Cameron, he stood up and apologised for Iraq for what was a statesman-like speech. MPs have been strangely silent.

Blair, Dodgy Campbell and their pals are still in denial mode. Cameron never apologised nor those MPs on both sides who voted for the war not to mention the lack of planning and appalling exit strategy. They had refused to listen and voted against the public and our values.  The common denominator with Iraq and the Labour MPs’ coup against their elected leader is that ALL those who voted for Iraq, welfare cuts and student fees all backed the coup! They are the problem.

Tom Watson was again attempting to hoodwink and mislead Labour members and electors and trade unionists, Watson has put the final nail into his own coffin for his macaevelia. He went to Glastonbury in the outset, to appear to be off the radar. It’s now believed he was up to his neck, not in the mud BUT coordinating the MP rebels’ treachery!

Labour is being run like a posh boys’ debating society to defend the status quo.  They are so dysfunctional that Jeremy Kyle has turned them down for his show!                                                                              On Saturday, Corbyn spoke at the Durham Miners Gala. Those MPs that had took part in the treachery were rightly refused entry as it was an attack on our class and movement. It was refreshing to have a genuine Labour leader talking about the very issues that for too long New Labour and Tories have airbrushed away.                              It was an awesome speech. (It can be viewed on you tube.)                                                                                                    

The rabble of plotting MPs now resemble the grand old duke of York…marooned at the top of the hill with the members at the bottom telling the MPs...not in our name.

The MPs involved have lost the plot and made themselves look very silly! They are too pre-occupied with backstabbing and being wreckers. Why have they pressed the self-destruct button? It’s reckless and futile. We now have a stranded eagle!  Corbyn has grown the party over four times because he offers real Labour policies not Tory lite.                                                                                                                                                                                   

Why are they failing to stand up for the electorate and fight the Tories? Why are they content to support the Tories welfare cuts, rather than deal with the brutal issues caused by austerity?

The plotters, snipers and those involved in the coup were offered an olive branch to come back into the fold and work together. Instead they sabotaged talks with our movement and turned their bottom lip up like spoilt brats….so used to getting their own way!                                                                                                                                                                                MPs now have a stark but clear choice as the wreckers.                                                                                                                                      

1. Some may listen to members and get back in line, roll their sleeves up and do their jobs. Show loyalty and fight the Tories?
2. Stand for immediate re-election and get a fresh mandate?
3. Resign so we can select Labour MPs to fight the Tories and their policies.
4. Defect to Tories or UKIP?

Ged Dempsey: Denman Road, Wath upon Dearne


  • Well said. I agree with every word you say. I like the 4 'choices' #171Resigner MP's have before them. If it's too hot in the kitchen; take a hike. We want more working class, local MP's. Not someone parachuted in from elsewhere. We want someone who knows the area/people; who has lived in these parts for decades or longer. Who knows how much a loaf of bread costs; who has experienced ill health/unemployment etc. That's who we want representing us.

    JeannieS. Tue 02 Aug 16:02:39.

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